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  1. Hate to see it. The injury history notwithstanding, you find a way to keep a player whose ceiling is that high. They don’t come around often. Not doing so feels like playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Maybe the problems was not so much with the Twins’ offer but with the Twins a what Byron really wants is a fresh start elsewhere? Either way, I fear we are going to have to endure the excruciating experience of watching him become a hall-of-famer in another uniform.
  2. I think it also came from the fact that the Twins would get hits but end up stranding a lot of guys on base. Their opponents who had power hitters didn't have that problem. Take for example the 2009 ALDS. The Twins outhit the Yankees 29-23 in that series but were outscored by the Yankees 15-6 thanks largely to the fact that the Yankees outhomered the Twins 6-0. So it was all "you can't beat the Yankees with small ball, you need to have guys who can hit the ball over the fence to match their power." Which wasn't wrong, but it's odd to see the "you can't rely on home run hitters to score runs in postseason" takes being advanced by the same people now. But in any case, like you said, it's been the same basic story of the Twins unable to score runs both now and then. Although I find these last 2 years, particularly this year, infinitely more frustrating due to the degree that the lineup underperformed. Just a lot of really, really bad at-bats from guys who can and should do better. I think Twins hitters not named Nelson Cruz were 5-for-53 this series? That's just wretched.
  3. One thing I've found mildly amusing in the aftermath of this latest playoff debacle is the local media folks and their "you can't win with Bomba-ball in the postseason, you need to be able to scratch out runs" hot takes. Same people who 10-15 years ago were writing "you can't win with Piranha-ball in the postseason, you need power hitters who can hit the long ball".
  4. I honestly have no idea what the answer is. It's so maddening. In the wake of a lot of the playoff losses to the Yankees, you could at least recognize that they were a more talented, deeper and more experienced team. Their starting pitching was far better. (When you're countering Sabathias and Pettites with Blackburns and Duensings, you shouldn't be surprised when it doesn't go your way). But I don't know how to explain what we've seen the last 2 years. So many guys up and down the lineup who were consistently good for the regular season looking completely overmatched and clueless against middling pitchers in the postseason. I'm not really interested in a rebuild, I don't want another early 2010's string of 100-loss seasons. As much as this playoff loss hurts, I'll take it over having your season effectively over by Father's Day. So I guess I'd tend to keep this core together for another shot at it. But if they don't take a step forward (i.e. make the playoffs and win a round) next year, then I believe it would be time to look at bigger changes.
  5. Maddening. Excruciating. Soul crushing. I am running out of adjectives to describe what it’s like to watch this team excel in the regular season then defecate all over themselves in the postseason. I don’t know what the answer is. Horrible at-bats by quality hitters. Bad base running. Untimely errors. Dubious managerial moves. Just a complete meltdown.
  6. There were a few dubious decisions to be sure but this series was so one-sided that it's hard to imagine a different outcome had different decisions been made. It was such a frustrating series, made even more so by the fact that every other DS is competitive - we're the only team that got so easily sent home. I'm so sick of the condescending pats on the head, the "plucky midwestern overachievers who get routinely stomped by the big bad bullies from the Bronx" narrative. Open the vaults, get a couple of shutdown starters and lockdown bullpen guys and flip the effing script. I don't want to hear about how proud you are of your regular season. I want to hear about how you're not satisfied with being playoff punching bags.
  7. This one really stings. It reminds me of the 2006 season - a team that was a ton of fun to watch and exceeded everyone's expectations - entered the playoffs with a roar and exited in 3 games with a whimper, though that time to Oakland. To me, what makes these series with the Yankees so maddening is that not only are they the better team, but every break, every call and every bounce seems to go their way when we play them in the postseason, and the Twins don't help themselves with their habit of self-inflicted injuries. (Cave, what in God's name were you thinking diving for that ball.) And I can't stand hearing about how brilliant the Yankee pitching was. Yeah, they were good, but a lot of it was just bad at-bats by the Twins. Flailing away at garbage way out of the zone, fouling off destroyable pitches, we made their 3 serviceable starters look like Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz 2.0. Rosario, Arraez and Polanco were the only 3 guys that didn't consistently look clueless and helpless at the plate. Garver, Sano and Kepler were particularly disappointing. Oh well, hopefully this is an experience that they learn from, and they come back hungry in the spring. And we spend some money on pitching - we just don't have the arms to compete in October right now.
  8. This has been beyond infuriating, watching our hitters flail against these guys after the season we had. Severino is a hittable pitcher. Odo has done a great job. Offense and defense both let him down.
  9. Yeah I don't see us beating the Yankees 2-1 or 3-2. I think they key will be jumping on Severino to build a healthy lead and let Odo relax a bit while forcing the Yankees to go to their pen early. A close game in the late innings does not favor us.
  10. I didn't expect the Twins to win over 100 games and break the home run record. I had more fun watching Twins baseball this year than I have in years. But man, another loss tomorrow, particularly if it's another loss of the non-competitive variety, and it will be hard to look back on it positively. At least initially, when it's still raw and emotions are running high. I'm sure I'll feel differently as the off-season progresses and the conversation shifts to talking about 2020. I agree that a win tomorrow would be huge, even if that's all we win. I just don't see beating the Yankees 3 straight. But for the love of God, rise up and win one effing game. Give the home fans something to cheer about. End the historic postseason losing streak so we don't have that hanging over us next time we play October baseball. And show the world we at least belong on the same field as the Yankees, cuz we sure didn't look like it this weekend. Severino is a beatable pitcher. Odo is capable of throwing a good game. Get it done.
  11. These 2 losses have been painful, much more so than years past. At least last decade, you expected it. The Yankees top-to-bottom simply had much better teams - especially in terms of starting pitching and offensive depth. Still, the Twins were competitive in most games, and were often in position to win until foiled by a bad bounce, a bad call or a bad pitch. But there isn't that same talent disparity this time around. To watch this Twins lineup flail against utterly hittable Yankee pitching is maddening. 14K's? Blech. Let's see what happens on Monday, Severino is another hittable pitcher. But as good as this team has been, if Monday's game is a repeat of today's, the fans will be well within their rights to boo the hometown team off the field.
  12. The "it'll be different this time!" sentiment was correct in one sense - we went from competitive, heartbreaking losses to the Yankees to one-sided, humiliating losses to the Yankees.
  13. Talk about soul crushing defeats. Blowing a 6-run lead.A 1-run lead turned into a 1-run deficit in an inning that should have been over but for a blatant missed callOne strike away from victory - closer on the mound with 1-2 with 2 outs, and he walks himContinued, historic futility with the bases loadedA former Twin saves the day at the plate and in the fieldMissed opportunity to pull another game ahead of Cleveland, who blew a late lead in Toronto And, of course, it's against the bleepin' Yankees. I don't know what savage pleasure the baseball gods get out of torturing the Twins against them, but I wish they would find something else to amuse themselves with. Good night all. May tomorrow bring a better result.
  14. It wasn't meant as an attack on anyone, and it wasn't a reference to anyone here. I'm just sharing my observations of behaviors I've seen that I think are counterproductive and off-putting. Certainly having different views doesn't one smug or self-satisfied. I'm talking about the people who are so rabidly insistent on ideological purity that they take to lecturing and scolding people who agree with them on 95% of issues about the other 5%. And I respectfully disagree that is "distracts from the discussion". We're talking about the 2020 election. If it's something that may influence voters, that is the discussion.
  15. Anecdotally, I actually know a few traditionally Democratic voters who were all in on Bernie that either stayed home or voted for Stein on election night. I even know of one Bernie supporter who voted for Trump, though I don't know this person well enough to know if they typically voted Dem or were one of the newer voters you mentioned. I'm not saying these folks are the only or even the main reason Hillary lost, but I think they were a factor. In any case, I don't think Bernie is the answer for 2020, and I suspect you're right that Biden isn't either.
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