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  1. I agree. In fact you could trade one starting positional player for Manea. According to the Trade Simulator, you could swap Jeffers for Manea. But you would need a good sense if you could sign him.
  2. I love the The Machined, durable, solid #2 stuck in a role of being a #1. If he definitely said he wanted to test FA then I would flip him as well. 7 years is a long time for an Arm. I tend to favor higher value shorter term contracts for established #1 pitchers. For the Twins to ever be viewed as a good destination then need to do what the Nats did with Jason Werth(sp?), pay extra either in years or in annual salary to bring a BIG, (not 2nd tier), FA to Target Field. Out of the guys out there, I would go after Mad Max, serious. 2 years $90M, this gives him possibly one more contract with some team if he stays healthy. 1 year isn't going to do it. I would like to see up to 3 of the young Twins pitchers this year in any combinations. Growing for the future while they are still affordable. Get some Frankie Viola years before they leave if possible, Learning from Mad Max. Part of my sales pitch would be to talk to Mad Max about who he thinks would be a good #2 and possibly #3 we could realistically get. Rodon if his medicals are good? Trade with Oakland? Trade with Tampa? Yes this would push our budget past the 10% increase, but it would sell tickets and then hire away the 2nd in command from the marketing teams at Barcelona, Man United, Bayern or Man City. The US pro teams, except the NBA, are behind the soccer world when it comes to marketing merchandise. Yeah I am dreaming... But we can't simply do what we have always done and expect different results. If not Mad Max, then a SS. But the SS will cost you more years and more money long term. Displaced Tom but lifelong Twins fan...(Killer, TonyO, Ceasar Tovar, Jim Kaat, Jim Perry, Rod Carew and the infamous Billy Martin...)
  3. Good stuff. I am a BIG fan of promoting our talent to find out if they are going to succeed as well as a big fan of trading excess talent to bring back what we need. I've been playing around with TD Build Your Own and swung big, (but albeit not accurately from what I believe will be a true $$ perspective on 2 pitchers, low $3M on a catcher (but happy to go internal) and resigning Buxton. So 2 FA pitchers, Ober, Ryan and....well I went to the Twins minors again with Balazovic. But I'd be happy to adjust if we could swing a deal withe Marlins for Jeffers or Garver and get some more high potential pitching. Displace Northern MN Twins Fan residing where the best hitter in baseball is located. DC - I love watching Soto bat.
  4. >>Still up on the border. Good times Warroad? Former EGF-er myself. Who will they draft this year? If not a player, a position and H.S versus College. I remember Keith Law being down on their selection of Berrios, I think he was a supplemental pick, but that has turned out awesome. I don't miss the winds coming out of the Arctic Circle and thundering across MN in the winter times... TS in DC (yes I need your sympathy...)
  5. Actually Thrylos, Seth never mentioned fiancé. DC did when asked where he was when he found out he was drafted. Also DC mentioned the players who made the 5+ hour trip for his wedding, with 2 of them standing up at his wedding. I think it was refreshing to see that he complimented his coaches for his success.
  6. I read a couple of your posts and spot on, but with a caveat. If the player is worth and may not be here in 3 years because you have an prospect to replace him and get value in return. But for the love of God and the Hamm's Bear, don't throw money at fringe players... Which is why I am against Castro unless he can hit at least 1/4 of the time. .215 average, we have that kind of impact already.
  7. You can take Keith Law's opinion with a grain of salt, he was wrong after all about the Twins drafting Jose Berrios.... I quote: "but I also don't see much upside here beyond a fringy regular unless he can suddenly start making more contact." Not worth the ink. Id rather push our catchers instead of spending $$. Ramos has a better arm and infinitely better bat.
  8. This one is a no-brainer via the FA Market. Either you get Wilson Ramos on a good deal or no one at all. No one else adds any improved value either via hitting or defensively to make any sense. I would even go 4 years for Wilson for a couple of reasons. 1) He always could hit, he throws out 40% of the base stealers. A plus over who have now. 2) If/When our catching prospects are ready, you could trade him to a contender that needs a catcher/hitter. The rest of the FA options aren't worth the ink to sign them from the Twins POV.
  9. Well I would rather ADD than AD... That is where I though you were going with the one letter change. Tanaka would be steal...unlikely but you could try to sell him on the upside of the Twins when Sano, Buxton, Meyer and Rosario join the Bigs...with Stewart and others on the way. That said, I would take a flyer on Johan as either as starter or a reliever...he started in the pen...and with his knowledge he could be a good addition. Cheers everyone...in January there is ALWAYS hope in the air...at least TR and team are doing something...
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