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  1. One year ago, I seriously doubt that anyone would have made a New Year's prediction that said the Twins would be in the playoffs in 2017 (if you did let all of us know!). Now here we are on December 31, 2017 and all the avid readers of Twins Daily are looking forward to 2018. What is everyone thinking? What are your hopes and dreams for the new year? Before you post anything, here are a few of my thoughts as I drink and l get ready to cheer in the new year: 1) Everyone who gets all negative on every off-season move needs to relax. 2) I am thankful for Twins Daily! 3) Will Yu become a Twin? Probably not but it is nice to be considered in the conversation. 4) The tired mantra of the Pohlads not wanting to spend money, etc. is an easy out and a tired excuse from fans. 5) Joe Mauer's contract was a great one for everyone involved. 6) Who will be the breakout player for the Twins this year? I am going with Max Kepler. 7) I always hear how Ervin Santana isn't a #1 starter but how many starters would everyone actually call a #1, 30? If so, then he is. 8) How many games will the Twins win this year? I am going with 91!! 9) What's your favorite memory as a Twins fan (other than 1987 and 1991)? Mine is visiting the old Met as a t-baller from Estherville Iowa. The Twins were playing the A's and Reggie Jackson was in right field. For the last out of one of the innings Reggie caught a foul ball in right field and my best friend and I begged Reggie to throw us the ball. He did! Actually, he didn't. But I didn't hold it against him. Happy new year to one and all!
  2. I watched him pitch a masterpiece at Cedar Rapids last year. It was an outstanding effort and he not only was incredibly efficient but kept hitters off balance. He also threw a ton of strikes.
  3. Pretty impressive stats! As far as him being sent down - part of that might have been to just send a message to him that he needed to step up his game. We don't know.
  4. I was at that game - do you have any pics of the family of four sitting right behind the dugout?
  5. The Twins have been inconsistent and it has been frustrating but there have been six blown saves so far this year - first in the majors. All of last year they had 15 and were near the bottom in that stat category. If they had only blown two they'd be 10-10 and we would all be saying that there is hope because the offense hasn't performed to its' expectations. A healthy and typical Glen Perkins would definitely have been a huge asset for the Twins but that hasn't happened - such is baseball.
  6. I hope that Mauer has a great season - but not for me as a fan but for him. This guy is a world class athlete who was at the top of the game for a number of years and then the bottom literally fell out. I can't even imagine the frustration that has caused him and he has been a stand up guy the entire time from what I've seen with his interactions with the media and others. Go Joe!
  7. Sorry - I looked at the stat page wrong, it was games started which is quite different. My bad. But at the end of the day he was an upgrade over what the Twins had and I am of the opinion that they had to overpay at that point in time to get someone with a pulse. It was worth a shot and I hope nothing but the best for him.
  8. Here's some pictures from earlier in the month with Mauer and Park - it was great to watch Mauer show him around first base while doing drills led by Tom Kelly.
  9. I keep reading about how the Twins never should have signed Nolasco and that they paid too much money for him. The guy was coming off a 13-11 season with an ERA in the high 3's and he was second in the NL in innings pitched. At the time the Twins had squat in their starting rotation. He was paid about right for what he was and he was a much better alternative than their other options. With all that said, I am hoping he pitches like a damn All-Star! I'm sure he won't but I'm hoping the best for him and for the Twins. I'm pretty sure when he signed with the Twins he wasn't thinking, "I'm gonna get injured and suck and make all of those Twins' fans really unhappy."
  10. Kevin Correia Samuel Deduno Scott Diamond Pedro Hernandez Mike Pelfrey Those are your starting pitchers with the most games started for the Twins in 2013. Last year they combined for 6 MLB wins (thanks Mike Pelfrey!). It seems to me that there is a bit of improvement in the rotation this year over that group - Nolasco's 100 career wins don't look that bad in comparison.
  11. As I was leaving the state on Monday it seemed the humidity picked up. Thanks for the updates Seth!
  12. Sano had a nice game - and made a great base running play his first time up by getting to second. He really doesn't look slow in the outfield in my opinion but he didn't have much hit to him.
  13. Went to the morning practice on Wednesday for my first ever visit to spring training. It was a great morning and I expected to just see the first full day of minor league practice but after seeing pitchers on the main field I looked over the railing on the third base side and saw TK leading infield drills. It made the trip worthwhile as everyone but Plouffe was out there. It was very interesting to be above Mauer as he talked about first base defense with Park. I later saw some BP before going to the outer fields and watching the same infield drills being done with the minor leaguers. What a great day to watch those activities with my son, daughter, wife and uncle. Watching TK was a huge bonus and it was also interesting to watch Nolasco warm up and hear encouragement from his teammates. We are going to get to the game on Friday and look forward to that before heading back to Nebraska on Monday.
  14. Well, I just printed my boarding passes and will be flying out of KC tomorrow afternoon. I'll be there for six days and my goal is to get to see some Twins practices at least 2 or 3 times. I want to thank everyone who posted on this thread and I'm very hopeful I can meet Seth when he arrives later in the week so he can autograph the prospect book for me! Thanks everyone and go Twins!
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