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  1. I watched him pitch a masterpiece at Cedar Rapids last year. It was an outstanding effort and he not only was incredibly efficient but kept hitters off balance. He also threw a ton of strikes.
  2. I was at that game - do you have any pics of the family of four sitting right behind the dugout?
  3. I hope that Mauer has a great season - but not for me as a fan but for him. This guy is a world class athlete who was at the top of the game for a number of years and then the bottom literally fell out. I can't even imagine the frustration that has caused him and he has been a stand up guy the entire time from what I've seen with his interactions with the media and others. Go Joe!
  4. Sorry - I looked at the stat page wrong, it was games started which is quite different. My bad. But at the end of the day he was an upgrade over what the Twins had and I am of the opinion that they had to overpay at that point in time to get someone with a pulse. It was worth a shot and I hope nothing but the best for him.
  5. I keep reading about how the Twins never should have signed Nolasco and that they paid too much money for him. The guy was coming off a 13-11 season with an ERA in the high 3's and he was second in the NL in innings pitched. At the time the Twins had squat in their starting rotation. He was paid about right for what he was and he was a much better alternative than their other options. With all that said, I am hoping he pitches like a damn All-Star! I'm sure he won't but I'm hoping the best for him and for the Twins. I'm pretty sure when he signed with the Twins he wasn't thinking, "I'm gonna get injured and suck and make all of those Twins' fans really unhappy."
  6. Kevin Correia Samuel Deduno Scott Diamond Pedro Hernandez Mike Pelfrey Those are your starting pitchers with the most games started for the Twins in 2013. Last year they combined for 6 MLB wins (thanks Mike Pelfrey!). It seems to me that there is a bit of improvement in the rotation this year over that group - Nolasco's 100 career wins don't look that bad in comparison.
  7. As I was leaving the state on Monday it seemed the humidity picked up. Thanks for the updates Seth!
  8. Sano had a nice game - and made a great base running play his first time up by getting to second. He really doesn't look slow in the outfield in my opinion but he didn't have much hit to him.
  9. I'm high on Rosario. If you look at what he did in the final weeks of the season - extra base hits and driving in runs - that's a good sign in my book. However, I think he got all of one walk in September/October versus 20+ k's. If he can just add a few walks he's going to be incredibly solid.
  10. It sounds to me that Sano is doing exactly what everyone would like - working on his game and conditioning just like most other guys. There is no reason that I know of that the Twins need to tell us what he had for breakfast yesterday and how the outfield training is going. Soon we will know how it is turning out so let's just be patient.
  11. Figuring out what to do with Nolasco is going to be interesting and a challenge. Unfortunately for him, he hasn't shown what he can do, but even then if you look at his career he has rarely been an average or above average pitcher. The Twins signed after he had a good year with the hope that the promise that he showed when he was 25 or so and from that year would lead to bigger and better things. It hasn't. I'd actually put him in the bullpen and see what you can get out of him. I'd also put May in the bullpen and have Milone and Duffey start. However, I think that Milone will struggle for a few starts and if the Twins are playing well and Berrios is throwing well then he takes Milone's spot. Milone's room for error seems small and when he is a little hurt or off it shows quickly.
  12. Which Hicks are you talking about? The one who got on a bit of a roll in July and got everyone excited or the one who slumped the last 40 games of the season? To me, the one who slumped is the one who has shown up most the past three years so that's who I traded if I'm TR. I hope Hicks turns into a star or even a valuable everyday player but at this point and based on his body of work I think it was a fair trade based on baseball reasons.
  13. I remember watching his stats go down, down, down after he got everyone excited in July/August. In September/October he was less than special. I hope for his sake that he is more of the July/August Hicks in the future but I just wasn't sold on that happening and preferred Rosario over Hicks.
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