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  1. The Pirates pitcher is a native of Newark, Ohio. When I lived in that fine state, one of the first things I was told that it's a single syllable, pronounced Nerk. That is all.
  2. Just saw them not care themselves into the lead.
  3. Like martinis shaken, not stirred, dead horses should be beaten, not whipped.
  4. Only two off-speed pitches to play off a not-so-fastball? Not worried. Sandy Koufax had only two pitches, and had an OK career.
  5. The "Final Countdown" guy looks just a tad older in the Geico commercial.
  6. Magic number's at four. It takes the whole team to win. Yesterday it took the whole team to lose -- we hit well for one inning and pitched well for four innings, and that was it. Win the series today and we're pretty much golden.
  7. As the regular season winds to a close, just want to say thanks to all for the excellent commentary about our fave professional baseball team. I'm unable to participate as much during games these days, but can still thoroughly enjoy reading the game threads and rewinds afterwards. It's all good fun. Now let's do all we can to help the Twins tend to the business and hand and make the magic number 5 tonight.
  8. I'm mystified how a team like the White Sox can have so many excellent players but lose so much. Was this the Twins just a few years ago?
  9. Come-from-behind wins like this balance out the come-from-ahead losses that didn't have to happen -- like against Cleveland on Sunday and the Miami game we were ahead 4-1 in the 9th and lost in extras. Meantime, I predict a Detroit victory today over the Indians, and should the Rays beat the Dodgers that would put Cleveland behind the 8-ball in the wild card race.
  10. Clevinger's first loss since June 28. He's a very good pitcher, I hear.
  11. If we can keep it 4-1 and get into the Cleveland 'pen, I'm telling you, there may be a chance. EDIT ADD: Looks like this post won't have a very long shelf life.
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