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  1. Another rule that needs to change is, if your SP (othani) is hitting, and you remove them from the game, it needs to be pitchers hitting in that spot afterwards.
  2. Nothing HAS to happen. The younger guys have options. I don't know that the FO over valued Kep. I do believe some fans/writers overvalued him. But this could just be posturing as well. If they have a team that is interested in him but won't meet your "demands" in a trade. You say you are keeping and see how desperate they are.
  3. Paul Walerius


    Correct. It should be a big belief. The Astros played small ball, base stealing, Hit and run, Bunt etc. Obviously they didn't have the health issues. But they can't just ignore that part of game.
  4. Paul Walerius


    Kind of like a better (offensive) Romine? I think that is the guy that play 9 positions a couple years ago. I see all the stolen bases and feel like that plays in the majors. If only Rocco would allow it, or do you think that was more of a shift issue, as to why he didnt have them play that game?
  5. Paul Walerius


    Can anyone tell me anything about Helman? I know he isn't high on the prospect list but is on top 30. He is at AAA and looks like he could be a good utility. What is holding him up, Farmer/Gordon?
  6. So far what we saw from lewis was that he can make up for loss average wise but I believe all three would be more power by a mile. Even if they hit .280 -.290 I would be happy.
  7. You can watch and tell that he has no range or instinct. He didn't commit errors but he didn't do anything but the bare minimum out there. He is a light hitting DH
  8. Joe and Rod had a position. Arreaz doesn't really pay any position great.
  9. The Twins were winning the division by a mile until the injuries stacked too high. If Correa does end up here you would think that could continue. Are they a WS contender with Correa, my guesses are not yet, but they are not boring...IMO.
  10. I agree but over a (very) small sample size, he looked good last year.
  11. If he moves to third, that makes miranda a 1B (probably his better position), then the question is Arreaz. Arraez can play 1B, but I really don't think he is great there either. This could all happen when Lewis is back (with the hypothetical signing of Correa).
  12. Like you said, less than 100 games. I think they had to give him a full year to decide, however, they were moving him around last year. I also think the other part of it is the depth at OF positions, so if they can help him with footwork (at SS) or whatever the issue is, they need to try to work through that too.
  13. I will be happy however with what he did last year I think it is way too much money. He never had a big Twins moment. If they do sign him, hopefully he has many good moments.
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