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  1. Freeman was not worth the money and he's turned into a prick since going to LA. Correa is not going anywhere this season I'd stake everything on that, and if I was in charge of the team we'd have cheerleaders.
  2. I hope he does. Clearly good enough to be in the rotation and I like how he goes about his business. I enjoy watching him pitch versus someone like Archer who just gives me a migraine.
  3. Need to improve just a tad sure, but I don't think right now at least it requires anything drastic.
  4. I think its more for financial reasons than anything else. Why spend the prices they want when you could just as easily watch from home for free and use that money for more prudent needs? Everybody loves going to watch their favorite team from the bleachers, but with the prices the way they are that's a hard thing to do. I'd be in the same boat if I lived in Minneapolis as far as hardly making any games.
  5. Good report as always. I think the Kernels win their division this season which would be awesome.
  6. Some very good points @stringer bell Deffo agree with Kepler. He has been my favorite player for awhile now and good to see him get back to where we all know he can be; fantastic start to the season and I have faith he will continue to do so. Just looks way more confident at the plate than he has in a long time. And need some more speed on the basepaths, but speed from my experience is something that can't be taught unfortunately. Overall I like where are as a team and with some minor adjustments in a couple areas, I think we have a bright outlook this season. Not going to be easy to fend off the Sox but I think we can if we stay focused and healthy.
  7. Just won $100 on a scratch off lottery ticket. Texas Roadhouse I will see you tomorrow!
  8. Can't win them all pal and there will be more games like today that is for certain. I wouldn't say a lot of question marks neccessarily. Which ones are you referencing?
  9. He was safe but obviously will take the out call. That's the definition of being aggressive on the base paths lol
  10. I know not really game related and maybe because I have had more than one drink already today lol; but everytime I see the Twins play I just fall more in love with them. Oh how I wish I lived closer to the Twin Cities so I could watch more of them.
  11. If we trade Correa this season, I will have lost all faith in this franchise. Period.
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