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  1. To me still a good year. September crash notwithstanding. To contend division-wise next year some of the little things to improve: Convert SF situations. Must have set a record for futility. Improve the running game. Improve stopping opponents running game. Half the IL time. Buxton healthy.
  2. They’ve had a shadow of their A lineup the last two months. All year really.
  3. Unlike some of my fellow Twins fans who call a division winning season with losing in the playoffs a failure and bad season … I call this a good season. Meaningful baseball in September etc. until now. And with being the team leading the league in days on the injured list.
  4. That ends all hope. If they won this who’s to say they couldn’t have gotten the last two with Ryan and Gray. Next year minimize stupid and injuries and maybe get those two serviceable starters they traded for but blew their arms out back strong and they’ll contend again with a better finish.
  5. Hosed by ump taking away his chance to bunt. Can’t see Twins escaping again with this guy. Apparently we have nobody else to pitch.
  6. Why couldn’t Duran pitch? Do or die. I can’t see getting through another inning with a third stringer.
  7. We had our hitters actually likely to get a hit up last inning. Oh well maybe an unlikely hit from an unlikely hitter.
  8. Two well hit balls for nothing. Correa does it or I fear.
  9. Well this is a tougher batting order than last inning anyway.
  10. Who’s coming up? Arraez Correa and Buxton. Nah. They had all their guys batting though. Twins still hanging in.
  11. I thought maybe. But Justin woulda said something probably.
  12. Palacios at least didn’t stand there and watch strike three like the previous guy and actually hit it hard. Of course no luck.
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