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  1. Pitching like the designated runner on second base means anything with a three run lead. Real thinking there.
  2. Three run lead and that dummy nibbles and starts the disaster with a walk. No telling how big this is for Cleveland long term. Thanks Pagan. I guess you can’t expect thinking from a guy who gets his medical advice according to what some Yahoo on Facebook says his cousin says.
  3. Jeffers has his shortcomings. Framing pitches that don’t need it then muffing it . Pathetic. Go Cotton out savior.
  4. We are going to lose. Pagan is pathetic. Batting practice strikes are better than walks. You have an excellent chance to get an out. Walk = no chance. How can he be so dumb?
  5. Here we go. Wild pitch and he falls apart. How can he be so dumb as to not throw strikes.. Let’s up Ramirez for sure.
  6. They always seem to go on a losing streak after a bad beat. This is two of those in a row.. I can’t watch tomorrow. Box scores only indefinitely. Painful to watch stupidity. Change ups floating in high like they’re on a tee. Did we forget Larnach throw to the wrong base letting the go ahead run into scoring position. Oh well we probably would have lost another one in extras under the dumb extra innings rule and got someone injured in the bargain. Probably Buxton who finally comes in defensively too late after missing a chance to make that game saving catch. But I’m not bitter.
  7. Yeah nice if we had Rogers in the pen instead of a rehab starter candidate who blew out his arm first thing.
  8. Stupid. Pathetic. Doing whatever it takes to lose. Did you see that guy bunt. He did it right. Didn’t jab. Our catcher’s bunt way back that we praised he did jab at maybe not as bad as some but that was lucky. We can’t beat Cleveland. You see what’s happening here. Ranmirez will beat us single handled the rest of the way. It’s crazy to say but the season is lost from this point probably.
  9. We don’t have a prayer. Guess who would have caught that? I still go back to Gordon ‘s dumb move way back when he’s catching that ball in center on the third hop with his eyes nowhere near being on the ball. Peeking at what?
  10. I don’t know what’s up with this thread. Where’s all the current comments?
  11. “Sonny Gray has not given up more than two runs in any of his starts.” Every time Bremer says something like that it seems to be the end of something like that. Cross your fingers.
  12. Typical. They won on a bloop and we lose on a blast. I fear this will be the beginning of them beating us all year.
  13. Roy pointed out something I’ve been thinking too. Jeffers framed a would be strike three pitch that didn’t need it and forced the ump to call it a ball.
  14. We get thrown out every time.. Opponent never does. Nice if could do something about that.
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