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  1. Let’s trade him for Gerrit Cole and Gleybar Torres jk jk He’s in year 2 of his contract, right? Trade value likely at an all time low and Kirilloff/Sabato forcing the issue here sooner or later. Twins may end up deciding between Kepler or Sano here shortly.
  2. How I wish Baddoo was on this list. I’m torn between wanting him to succeed and wanting him back in a Twins uni first.
  3. Dudes been a boss when healthy. Solid #3 with 2 upside. He’s been around long enough to teach younger guys and knows how to pitch in Yankee Stadium. Underrated signing, let’s go.
  4. I’ve loved Cruz as much as anybody but the last few weeks of the season he stopped hitting good sliders. I knew he was cooked then. If his market crashes to the point where we could get him for 6M, let’s do it. But I don’t think it will, the White Sox or Rangers will bite before then.
  5. Tomas Telis will win the batting title in 2024 as a 35 y/o catcher who hits .370, 20 doubles and 5 HRs #ItsTelisTime
  6. Would also like to acknowledge the great point in this article that Polo is best suited for 2B/3B over 1B/OF, but the Twins system riches make that OK. The price of this is an extra bench bar (Wade probably), rather than an extra bullpen pitcher. With St. Paul so close, the Twins absolutely go that route.
  7. I believe that Semien has the lowest floor and highest ceiling of the three FA’s available, Semien, Simmons, and Gregorious. Don’t love that. I’d prefer to see the Twins get Simmons (highest floor, lowest ceiling) for a 3-5 year deal. His glove will transition well to UTIL once Royce is starting on the ML club, and his bat is serviceable, a true #7-9 hitter. He is tradeable should the window close early (to the teams that lose out on SS shopping next winter) and would provide middle infield strength for a team with a revolving door there over the past 15 years.
  8. I do think we resign Cruz, but include a clause that poor performance (i.e. BA under .200 or low slugging pct.) will result in him joining the FO as a coach. 2 year deal is OK with me as long as there is a mutual option or team option for year 2. 2-30 gets it done.
  9. Livan Soto, 20 yo SS on the Angels AAA team. Good glove, good contact, not much power, but also only 20 so could still develop.
  10. He’s Mr. dependable to me. 3 yrs - 13-12-10 with 1M buyout seems reasonable. It’s not often that he loses a game with his pitching, more often that he takes a hard luck loss. Good losing streak stopper, someone I’d like to see retire with the Twins.
  11. Thanks for the deep dive and comps, Tom. I think Twins Territory is very interested to know what this FO will do - this is the first time they’ve made this type of a decision with this high profile of a player.
  12. Mark my words, it’ll be Michael Wacha, and he’s going to play a lot better than the 1/5M contract we’ll sign him for.
  13. To me Stroman is Jose Berrios’ floor. If we’re all comfy with a mediocre start by Berrios, let’s get Stroman. Doesn’t seem like a bad move, but can’t go over 10-12M a year.
  14. Quick overview of the moves I made: Traded Sano for prospects (2023/2024 arrival) Signed Kike Hernandez Signed Jake Odorizzi Signed Mike Minor Picked up Romo's option Kept Rosario I feel like this approach keeps veterans on the mound and in the clubhouse, retains a latin presence, and doesn't rely too heavily on the young guns while landing on a reasonable budget for the season. Link to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZI53Ca0gpI2h9541So7J_HIi8CHNCP6W_jPuV5NKEnY/edit?usp=sharing
  15. I love all the slight disagreement in the comments, this is a great question to pose. It’s going to come down to a few things (ranked in order of importance): 1. Payroll requirements from ownership 2. Choosing to let Cruz walk 3. Belief that prospects will pan out AND are ready now 4. Commitment to strong farm system (sustainable winner, anyone?) Money rules and most teams are trying to save a buck. NL teams who need a DH bat look at Sano and see a mostly successful project on a team friendly deal. If I’m the Nationals, Cardinals, Phillies, Reds, or Padres, I’m at least calling the Twins to see what the price is. All those teams are in “win now” mode and a power bat to hit 4, 5, or 6 in their lineup could be the difference. I also think Cruz won’t be back, even though I’d like to see him get a 2yr deal with a dual option for the second year, and a clause that if he retires mid year, he joins the FO as a special assistant. He has taken an interest in Sanó and they’re either both here or both gone next year. It’s easy to look at our top prospects and picture Larnach in LF, Kirilloff at 1B, and Rooker at DH/5th OF. But the Twins love flexibility, and that’s putting most of their eggs in one basket. Sure, Celestino, Wallner, Baddoo, and more are coming, but none of those guys (maybe Celly) are ready in 2021. All the reasons above come down to philosophy of ownership and gut feel of the FO. However, due to the Twins putting a competitive product on the field the past few years, their minor league system, while strong, is getting top-heavy. Now would be the time to infuse talent into the lower levels of their system, exactly the type of prospects other teams would be willing to deal for Sanó. Because of this reason, I think we see Sanó in a different jersey next year. I wish him the best and don’t want to see him leave. But to be a sustainable winner, the FO has to play moneyball every offseason (see: Rays 2020 offseason) and this year, this is the move.
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