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  1. Looks to me that we will have 3 OF trade candidates in Cave, Wade, and Rosario.
  2. Just because Rob Manfred woke up in the middle of the night and had an idea doesn't mean we have to use it.
  3. So, if its not a good thing to bang on a trash can while your team is up to bat, then how about the drum banger in Cleveland?
  4. So the day pitchers and catchers report, if you aren't a pitcher, everyone else reports as a catcher?
  5. Starting Monday, Mauer/Sano instructional workouts begin. Dreams do come true. Next dream is a dominate starting pitcher.
  6. Thank you to all those involved that make this site what it is. Greatly appreciated. A day without Twins Daily is like a day without sunshine!
  7. IMHO, the FO is trying to establish who is going to be the foundation for the club for the next several years to come, which is a reason for one year contracts. Who will be the next prospects to step up in 2020, and who will be brought in from elsewhere? As of right now, the foundation could be viewed something like this: Position players: Polanco and Kepler are signed. Waiting to see if Buxton and Sano can each play somewhere around 140+ games a season and what will the results of that be? If they prove they can accomplish that, hopefully they will see their just reward. Latest to come onto the scene are Garver and Arraez. Hope they can both stick with the club. So far the outlook is good. Rosario? Maybe with a few tweaks and concentration. Its the little things that are keeping him from making the next step. Is Adrianza our next utility man after Gonzales? Staring Pitching: Berrios needs a long term deal. Odorizzi needs to be considered for an extension, but will likely be a FA. Who and how many will come through from the farm system? Relief pitching: Rogers needs a contract sometime soon. Can Duffy, Littell, May, and Stashak all prove they belong during this year? Again who can come up from the farm? Rome wasn't built in a day either.
  8. I am puzzeled with all those names being brought up for pieces of a trade that one name that has never surfaced is Adrianza. I keep thinking that he might have close to the value of Gonzolas or Escobar as a utility man. Granted, he doesn't have the power of an Escobar, but, what would be the results if he were to play 125 games or so?
  9. Both did well for the Twins in 19 and I wish them all the best.
  10. Trades can be like a box of chocolates, you never know what is in the box until you eat all the chocolates.
  11. All we ever need is the Ghost of Christmas past, because he is the same one as the Ghost of Christmas present and future.
  12. For what the Twins can afford, they would be trying to spell team with an I. What have Trout and Otani done for the Angels? How about Darvish for the Cubs? Joe Mauer's contact. Don't see a good ending here.
  13. In September we saw the won/loss record with and without Buxton. What if Buxton played 150+ games plus the playoffs? We may not ever know that answer if he keeps hitting walls. Buxton maybe needs to go to my pillow.com to pad the outfield wall.
  14. Considering Sano's childhood and all the changes he has had to go through has been overwhelming for him. It has taken time for him to grow up and constantly adjust during the past few years. It looks like he has come to a time where he is finally able to start settling in and he is realizing that if its going to be, its up to me. I am optimistic that we will see more upside still to come.
  15. Like the plan. Only change I would consider is to add Cave in a trade package somewhere. Use his roster spot to bring up some of the guys for a stint from the farm to get their feet wet and let them realize what they need to work on if and when they get sent back down. Also the coaches and FO get the opportunity to see what they potentially have in a player at the MLB level. Injuries are going to happen. Hopefully when there is a callup, they wont be coming up totally green.
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