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  1. Buddy goes by alexander know. that's the cause of all his problems.
  2. Maybe Colome is a bum. That happens. Sometimes you buy a lemon.
  3. Not what I asked. Would he be on those other playoff teams? Add the A's, Sux, Red Sox, and Rays. Dude's a bum. Cut from a team that hasn't made the playoffs in years. I'm kinda tired of these moves made by the front office. Waddell? Garlick Robles? Riddle? Lin? singing Dobnak? Weak.
  4. Ehhh.... Would he be on the Astros? Yankees? Starting at that?
  5. I think Stahsak is saying I like the hotel on the other side of the river better.
  6. Rocco has a short leash with all his starters that had a full spring and a start to the season, but decides to let a guy go who hasn't pitched in a game for a month, see the lineup for a third time? This dude went from great manager to making bonehead decisions on a game basis. I miss Phish too, but I'm coping!
  7. Bases loaded no outs? No way the boys can **** this one up.
  8. Regardless of that double... it's sad our cleanup hitter the past two years has been replaced by a waiver claim...
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