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  • Twins and REM5 Studios Launch TwinsXR

    Seth Stohs

    On Tuesday, I got to participate in a really cool event showcasing the Twins Virtual Hall of Fame. Minneapolis-based REM5 Studios have been working for months on this fun, interactive site that Twins fans will truly enjoy.

    Image courtesy of REM5 Sports

    Twins Video

    I'll be the first to acknowledge that I'm not a video game guy anymore. I have very little experience with virtual reality or interactions.

    However, when I got to participate in yesterday's VIP/media event showcasing the Twins virtual-reality Hall of Fame experience, I was extremely impressed.

    In conjunction with the folks at REM5 Studios, the Twins have worked to put together this great opportunity. It launches today (Wednesday, February 10th). To participate, simply register at www.twinsbaseball.com/xr.

    Once in, you will find yourself in a virtual lobby. From there, you are able to move about the virtual area.

    Clubhouse #1 highlights the early years of the Twins history. Clubhouse #2 highlights the two World Series championship teams and players. Clubhouse #3 shows the players and personnel from the Target Field years.

    In each clubhouse, you will find virtual plaques or lockers highlighting each of the Twins Hall of Famers from that era. It includes pictures and a written biography. There is also a "Film Room" in which you can watch video as if you are in a theatre of that era.

    There is trivia, some statistics, photos, and much more throughout the experience.

    Another cool thing is its interactivity. You can go into this virtual reality with up to 19 other Twins fans. And, you can talk to each other. The closer your avatar is to others, the better you will be able to hear and communicate. It's like you are walking through the halls of a museum.

    This experience is free to fans. You can access the site on mobile devices, desktop, or even with a Virtual Reality headset if you've got one.

    Twins Hall of Famers Michael Cuddyer and Torii Hunter participated in Tuesday's sneak peak.

    Michael Cuddyer called this, "really cool. It's innovation, keeping up with the digital age."

    Hunter said that the pandemic pushed people and organizations to think differently. "You've just got to find some creativity."

    Twins senior director of brand experience and innovation Chris Iles pointed out to the group that this project has been in the works for six months. He noted that it will likely continue to be updated including a midseason refresh.

    And, just think of the possibilities of this technology!

    I truly enjoyed the opportunity to see this site. I don't know if I would have signed up for it on my own. But once I did, I have to admit. I think I will be in there often. I can see us having small Twins Daily events in a TwinsXR room sometime. Again, the possibilities really are endless.

    Again, head to www.TwinsBaseball.com/xr to register and you'll get an e-mail when it becomes available today.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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    From Do Hyoung Park's article on this: 



    "We've always wanted to build out a physical Hall of Fame," said Chris Iles, the Twins' senior director of brand experience and innovation. "As you know, Target Field is pretty limited in terms of our footprint in and what we have in downtown Minneapolis. So having a physical space for people to go to, like, let's just build this in the virtual world and see if it works. And I think for everyone who's tried it so far, it works quite well."


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