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Hey, we are sending Royce Lewis down to play everyday in St. Paul. And not just at shortstop, the position he needs to excel in. But let’s try him at other positions around the diamond. Like third base.”

Don’t we already have a third baseman we got from the Yankees, Gio? And Luis Arraez is a better fit at third base than anywhere else on the diamond. And don’t forget Jose Miranda. Shouldn’t he be back in the minors and playing third base and working on his hitting skills.”

Miranda is playing mostly at first base in the major leagues. He needs to get his feet wet at that position.”

But in the majors?”

Well, he is hittng better than Sano. Until he hits worse than Miguel has, he stays. And Arraez can also play there, although the other fielders complain that he doesn’t give a great target. Besides, Kirilloff is playing there everyday in St. Paul, well almost. We need him in leftfield possibly until we figure out where to play Larnach in the majors.”

So Larnach is coming back…”

And we will send Celestino down to St. Paul, as he needs to play everyday. Besides, we got Garlick. And if he doesn’t work out, we can bring up Contreras again. Or maybe bring back Cave.”

But should’t our best players be playing on the team trying to win the division, make the playoffs, and go to the World Series?”

Hey, St. Paul needs to keep the stands filled. Besides, no one comes out to Target Field until school’s out, Mother’s Day is over, and fishing season is in full swing and people discover there really ain’t fish in those 9,827 lakes. As long as we piece together a win, that’s all that matter. Remember, the Target Field Experience is the key.”

Winder and Smeltzer are doing a nice job…”

And Winder got injured, just when we were going to send him down when the pitching rosters shrink back to 13. We need him to pitch at least every six days as a starter, maybe only four innings to get a full season out of him. Same with Smeltzer. Guy hasn’t pitched forever, but we need him to start, none of this mid-inning stuff. He is also a lefty. We don’t want any lefties on the major league staff. Too confusing for the manager and pitching coach.”

But we are barely getting production out of most of the arms starting games already.”

Don’t worry, they are vets. They will come around. Besides, we still have another dozen bullpen arms at AA and AAA we want to look at before the trade deadline. All guys we signed on the cheap. Can’t trust those prospects totally yet. We will work these guys for every inning possible while we save the arms of all these pitchers we brought in during the off-season as rehab projects,”

But wouldn’t Smeltzer and Winder work best pitching consistently 2-3 innings, maybe every third or fourth day, especially when starters like Archer, Bundy, Ober and even Gray barely get us into the fifth inning?”

Hey, we don’t want guys learning in the majors. We want them doing what’s best, and where else should they be doing that than in St. Paul. Hey, been to a game there? Great ushertainers. Wish we could do that in Target Field, but just too big to have people running up and down the aisles. Notice we got rid of the vendors? People too spread out to make it cost effective.”

Okay, so two of our better pitchers should start in the minors, because we can’t find important roles for them to play in the majors. And guys who are hitting are going back to the minors, while those hitting league average….”

You said it, ‘league average.’ What, they need to do more than just produce like everyone else in baseball?”

But...but...but…don’t you want to win?”

Sure, but we also want to play players in as many positions as possible besides their own strong position. And we sign all these minor league free agent pitchers that see us as their last shot for the big leagues and, well, our prospects got a year behind in 2020 and most of them can’t throw more than 50-60 pitches in a game or 100 innings for the year, but we gotta keep them active down on the farm. Don’t worry. The team will be better than last season.”

But that is only because the division appears weaker.”

Hey, we won the division with 85 wins in 1987 AND the World Series. Probably will be able to win it with as few as 75 this season. Don’t worry. We are going all the way. But, hey, how about that lineup and that pitching staff in St. Paul. They rock!”





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