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Twins Prospects Rank High On MLB's Positional Rankings

Cody Christie



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Minnesota is widely considered to have one of the game's best farm systems. It helps to have two of the best prospects in all of baseball, Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano. The Twins have also done well to acquire some top notch pitching talent over the last couple of years in the form of Alex Meyer, Kohl Stewart, and Lewis Thorpe.


MLB.com will be unveiling their list of the top 100 prospects in baseball on Thursday, which should include a number of players from the Twins organization. Buxton and Sano are likely to finish in the top five and both could be featured in the top three when the final rankings are released.


As part of MLB's lead-up to their top 100 prospects, they have spent parts of the last week reviewing each position and the top 10 prospects in relation to those spots on the field. Some of Minnesota's best prospects have been featured prominently on those top 10 lists.


Miguel Sano, 3B (#1 Ranking): For the second consecutive year, Sano ranks as the best prospective third baseman in the minor leagues. His power and young age separate him from the others on the list. Last year's number two overall pick, Kris Bryant of the Cubs, finished second on the list after his tremendous debut. There are holes in the swing of Sano but his power showed up at multiple levels last season. His arm is also one of his best strengths and that's why the Twins have committed to keeping him at third base... for now.


Byron Buxton, OF (#1 Ranking): Buxton's pro debut catapulted him to the top of the list of the best outfielders. There is also a good chance that he will be ranked the number one overall prospect in baseball when that list is released later this week. He is truly the definition of the five tool player by combining power, speed, and defense to show why he was considered the best talent in the 2012 MLB Draft. The only question remaining for 2014 is how fast can he get to Target Field?


Eddie Rosario, 2B (#8 Ranking): To start the 2014 season, Rosario will be forced to serve a 50-game suspension for his second violation of the minor league drug policy. This is a shame because he seemed to be on track to make his MLB debut at some point in the 2014 season. Even with the suspension, MLB ranked Rosario as the eighth best second base prospect in the game. He has only recently shifted to second base so his defense continues to develop at his new position.


If you'd like to learn more about these prospects and some of the other members of the Twins farm system, make sure to order a copy of the latest edition of the Twins Minor League Handbook. This 188-page book features profiles and scouting reports on some of the game's best up-and-coming players. Also, there are a ton of stories and special features throughout the book.


It's a great deal and it makes a great gift for the Twins fan in your life.



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