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Twinternationals is coming back and we want YOU on our team!




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After more than one year of inactivity, we are bringing back the Twinternationals! At the begining of 2020, we (Mariana Guzmán and Thiéres Rabelo) decided to create this blog to post texts written by foreign Twins fans, like ourselves. You can read more about our original proposal here. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to keep the idea going due to a number of reasons, including the toll taken on us by the pandemic. Well, we’ll try to change that now!

We’re bringing Twinternationals back to activity — only this time, it won’t be only the two of us. If you are a Twins fan from outside the USA, our blog is open for you. Reach out to one of us on Twitter (@TwinsLatinos and @TwinsBrasil) if you want to have something you wrote featured on our blog! We deal primarily with articles written in our mother tongues, Spanish and Portuguese, but don’t worry if you have a text in another language. We can check that out too, using translating tools.

Help us make the Minnesota Twins known to all the world!




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