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Diamonds in the Rough

Doctor Gast



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It`s nice to have money like NYY to be able buy expensive, proven, developed, polished players. These exceptional players I will convey them as "diamonds". Most teams have to settle for what`s left over in FA or try to scout, draft, develop & trade for prospects that have great potential to become "diamonds" or what I`ll call "diamonds in the rough". They are & should be valued & hard to come by because teams don`t want to give them up. Some get lucky get a prospect which quickly shine & develop into stars other prospects need a lot of patience. Stars like Cruz & Donaldson developed later in life. When a "diamond in the rough" has a set back & develop slower some teams & fans are ready to devalue & dispense of them which normally proves regrettable. Of course a true evaluation is needed to determine if indeed you have a diamond or a lump of coal. But once it`s determined you have to be patient. I believe Romero could be a "diamond in the rough".

Pertaining to pitching teams like Cleveland & LA have a system to eye & develop "diamonds in the rough". Cleveland like us are low market they never are buyers of "diamonds" but always sellers, which produces resources to obtain more "diamonds in the rough". LA & Cleveland hold onto their "diamond in the roughs". This is what I aspire for the Twins, w/ Wes Johnson to obtain & develop these "diamonds in the rough" where we have a steady influx of aces & cull out when needed.We need to hold onto our "diamonds in the rough" like LA so I was disappointed when we traded Graterol. LA really develop their pitchers so when you get a pitcher from them, they aren`t much up side for improvement. On the other hand a team like PIT does not, so a pitcher from them, there is a lot of up side for improvement. Therefore a pitcher like Archer I am very high on. He could have been very cheap but now his stock is constantly rising. People look at him & say look at his stats even at Tampa they weren`t that impressive. At Tampa, everyone saw his potential so PIT got him & couldn`t develop him. With new coaching at PIT, Archer will take off but not as much as if we had him here at MN, he should have been pursued. Jon Gray is another "diamond in the rough" which his stats don`t show his true value. At Colorado the ball really carrys so they stress GP% & pitchers are limited to that style.

MN has a lot of very good pitching prospects but I featured Romero, Graterol, Archer & J Gray because they are under valued. Although I enjoy watching "diamonds" pitch, I get excited about "diamond in the rough" because that`s where the greatest value & opportunities lay.



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I am not an Archer believer, some pitchers lose it never to get it back. He may be one of them. Granted he may be low cost, so low risk but think the bus is full for starting pitchers this year.

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You know when I 1st got married, I was looking at older homes, some were terrible but others had good foundations & well built to buy. I could look at a house & see the potential of that house. I knew a lot of friends that did fantastic jobs on old homes. I`d dream of little projects that could really make those houses great but all my wife could see was mess & dirt. Needless to say we never bought any old homes. 

 The point I`d like to make is some are seers others are not. There are some who see things which I cannot, which I respect. I see Archer breaking out this year, if I were FO my 1st external deal would be call Sheldon & say let`s get this done.At that time some valued Severino as a trade for Archer ,now it`d take Rosario because more people are starting to see his potential. 

Some can look at some bad stats & say the player is broken & sometimes they are right but some can eye a player w/ bad stats & see some greatness just needs some work on mechanics,mindset or etc. I have faith in our pitching coach & staff hopefully they have a say in who they can get to work on so it`s up to them. But I still like to look at old houses

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Looks like NYY is smart enough to be interested in Archer. Why couldn`t the Twins  have taken advantage of the opportunity that was theirs for the taking? Archers up side is top of a rotation.Why do the Twins chase after these losers?

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