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My Jorge Lopez story

I've mentioned my Jorge Lopez connection in several threads on this website and figured I would write it out if anyone is interested in reading it. I met the girl who became my wife in 2015, she is from Puerto Rico, lived in Chicago as a young adult and was a White Sox fan. She moved to the lovely state of Kansas in the summer of 2016 and one of our mutual interests was watching baseball. I spent a few months learning as much as I could about the history of Puerto Rican baseball and I gradually


rwilfong86 in Musings

Thoughts from Saturday night in Wichita

The Good: The ballpark was amazing. It had such a nice feel, the people were friendly and the cost of concessions were far less than an MLB game. I think the ballpark fit around 10,000 people and I think the attendance was around 7,000.  Most of the players were no names, but the fans definitely get behind their team. The players I did recognize were Seth Gray, Yunior Severino and obviously Brooks Lee.  One player I hadn't heard of was a young kid from the DR Yoyner Fajardo.

In Wichita to see the Wind Surge

To say the least being a Twins fan from Kansas can be really challenging. I've not been able to experience much of the fandom that the locals get but one nice perk is being able to drive 3 hours and get to see some of the Twins prospects this Saturday as the Wichita Wind Surge host the Arkansas Travelers. 
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