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A Small Sample Size of my time-wasting baseball research and writing.

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FLASHBACK 2015: Duffey Debuts Against Toronto

Tyler Duffey was waived seven years to the day after his major league debut. His Twins career was bookended by losses to the Blue Jays. The 2015 Twins were surprise contenders, heading to Toronto in early August in possession of a wild-card spot. But the familiar refrain of "needs more pitching" was prevalent, especially as lefty starter Tommy Milone was placed on the disabled list. Most Twins fans expected the highly regarded José Berríos to get the call. After all, Berríos had

FLASHBACK 1992: The Eric Fox Game: "God wants a pennant race"

The Twins franchise has lost key games to many legends over time: Koufax, Yastrzemski, most of the 21st century Yankees, and... Eric Fox? That name may not be familiar, but if you followed the 1992 season with hopes of a repeat championship, Eric Fox played a large role in crushing those hopes. As they did in 1991, the 1992 Twins started slow in April, but warmed up in May and June, and finally took sole possession of first place after a marathon 15-inning win vs. Baltimore on In

FLASHBACK 1986: Weather Delay in the Dome

36 years ago today, Twins fans had a frightening experience at the Metrodome. And Ron Davis hadn't even entered the game yet! It was a Saturday night in April 1986, and the stadium was unusually crowded with fans for that era, with an announced attendance of 31,996. I'd like to report that a mass of Twins faithful had shown up to support a young, exciting team building towards a World Series championship the following year, but Howard Sinker in the next morning's Star Tribune likened it to

FLASHBACK 1969: Twins Rookie Starts Opening Day

Joe Ryan just became the Twins' second rookie opening day starter, after Tom Hall in 1969. Who is Tom Hall, and how did he get that honor? After all, Tom Hall is hardly a household name among Twins fans, and that was a successful era for the franchise, behind a veteran starting staff. Patrick Reusse of the Star Tribune recently published a nice biographical sketch of Hall, but omitted key circumstances about his unusual 1969 assignment. Holdouts Before the advent of free agency and m

FLASHBACK 1991: Twins Pioneer the Opt-Out

"The Twins have signed a free agent to a 3-year contract with two opt-outs." Sound familiar? It might. Image courtesy of the Star Tribune The seeds of today's Carlos Correa contract were planted on Feb. 5, 1991, with the Twins signing of Jack Morris. Technically the opt-outs were called "player options" at the time, but they were functionally the same: they empowered the player, alone, to turn a shorter-term contract into a longer-term one. According to a  2016 NY Daily

Preview: 2021 Twins 30th Anniversary Celebration (from 2051)

Following the success of the recent 1991 Twins 30th Anniversary Celebration at Target Field, here's a preview of a future milestone, the 2021 Twins 30th Anniversary Celebration from the year 2051.   (EDITOR'S NOTE: As time travel can introduce many unintended consequences, especially for the gambling conglomerate which owns Twins Daily in 2051, we have attempted to remove any references to specific baseball events that haven't yet occurred.) Once again, Dick Bremer hosted the 2051

Otto von Ballpark

Otto von Ballpark in satire

How important is it to delay service time?

In the wake of Aaron Hicks being named the Twins starting centerfielder, many fans have expressed disappointment that the team did not send him to the minors to further delay his major league service time. As little as two weeks in the minors would have delayed his potential free agency a full year; roughly three months in the minors could have also delayed his arbitration eligibility an additional year too. But how important is that?   The value of an extra year of team control, before free a

Otto von Ballpark

Otto von Ballpark

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