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High Spin Rate PitchingI have great hopes for Graterol! What we need most is starting pitching, we need him to work on what needs to be worked on thru spring training & minors until he`s ready. Then take him slow, maybe use him as an opener &

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My Pitching Profiling, Part 2- What's an ace?/ SP profiling

What qualifies to be an ace? How to profile SPs? I'd like to give you my take. As was previously stated in part 1, a SP is a pitcher who can regularly give you at least 5 quality innings & sustain that, otherwise is better off in long relief. I'd like to categorize them as 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd & top SP, ace and workhorse. I will rate them accordingly by stuff & arm strength. Stuff= quality of pitch, # of quality pitches in his repertroire, command & location. Arm strength that

Doctor Gast

Doctor Gast in pitching profiling

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