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  1. I am not buying his potential. Sorry. I have seen too much. The guy has played in more than 92 games one time in his whole career and speed guys have a pretty small window.
  2. How is it addressed? We simply do not score runs in the post season. 41 runs scored in 17 consecutive losses and 31 runs scored in the last 15 losses. A friend of mine was complaining about Rocco's shifts and fundamentals. OK, you will get no quarrel there, but don't let's pretend half of this is our offense collectively going into a coma during the playoffs. It's been going on so long here has to be a WHY. It seems to me it's part of the Twins culture to say "We had a successful season" as soon as they get to the playoffs. Cuddyer said it in 2010 after we were swept out for their third consecutive playoff series. Rocco gave off the same vibe last year after being swept. It is as though the switch gets turned off and the Twins think..."anything else is gravy. We did what we needed to do" and that is so ass backwards to me
  3. There seems to be some avoidance over this so whey you say "chilling about it" you pretty much explain Rocco's touch. He didn't embrace the history for whatever reason last year. I felt alienated when Rocco said, "I'm not frustrated at all" after last year's 3 and out. It's funny because the team tries to act all relaxed like it isn't a big thing, but until they can face fact and admit: YES, this is a big deal we aren't going anywhere. Time to own it.
  4. Rocco made some pretty dumb calls and there is no question, but I don't care who we had in that dugout. It could have been Casey Stengel, Earl Weaver, Tony LaRussa, Muller Huggins, whatever. It comes down to this team (once again) putting together terrible at bat after terrible at bat. It is clear that when the Minnesota Twins reach the playoff the goal has already been achieved. That message has been deeply inculcated into the players coming though our system before they even reach the big leagues. Rocco has been indoctrinated into it as well. In fact, they selected him because they thought he was intelligent and understood analytics and they knew he was a "people person" and a players guy. He proved how super-chill he was after last year's embarrassment: "I'm not frustrated at all" That ring a bell for anyone? We have seen this rerun many times over and it is basically the same thing. We have lost 17 playoff games in a row. In those last 17 games we have scored 41 runs. In the last 15 losses we have scored 31 runs. We can go on and on about pitching, defense, managerial moves, umpiring, shifts, etc....I don't care. If this team is going to average two runs per game in the playoffs they are going nowhere. Rocco deserves to be ripped, but then when he's gone and we get swept out of the playoffs again what are we talking about?
  5. And lord knows with Sano. The guy seems disinterested in evolving. When we hired Rocco he went out of his way to visit Miguel in the Dominican. We also acquired a guy who has tried to mentor him to a small degree in Nelson Cruz. If Sano had the same kind of commitment Cruz obviously does in the offseason then he'd be an amazing player. I think Sano drinks and eats whatever he wants and isn't particular big on having a set routine to get himself in top condition. I think they wanted some of Nelson Cruz to rub off on him and even that hasn't worked.
  6. Buxton is the guy who got picked off in the 8th inning, just as he is the guy who runs full speed into a wall. Hard to say what the future holds for him given his constant battles with injuries and dizziness. I see a BJ Upton-like trajectory for him.
  7. Well, there you go. The real Sano and Buxton pretty much is what you say in the last sentence. Neither are ever going to be the superstars we hoped they'd be. Both are extremely confusing and frustrating to watch.
  8. I am a Twins fan like you are, but I am seriously wondering how you can insist we have a much better team than Houston. This is a team that won 107 games last year and won the WS. Look at all the (winning) playoff experience on that team. Kind of sounds like sour grapes. I think the better team won and that (once again) a lot of Twins fans assumed we were better than we really are.
  9. They score first and act like they are trying to run the clock out. Its been one horrendous at bat after another. Here's a fun fact: In those 17 consecutive losses we have scored 41 runs. I don't care if we have gold glovers all around the diamond and three aces. You don't win when you push a little more than two runs across the plate per playoff game. Hasta luego, Placido Domingo!
  10. A very definite pattern has developed over the years. Every single time the season starts Buxton looks completely overmatched in the batter’s box. He’s 1 for 13 with 6 strikeouts and “small sample size” doesn’t apply. He’s started every single season horribly. Why is this? Over the last few years he’s been vocal about hitting and what works for him. He’s talked about his need to be comfortable with what he’s doing. I’m not thinking about how he goes back on balls right now (as important as it is for him to clean up). I’m more concerned about his cluelessness in the batters box
  11. I am not concerned about COVID-19 as much as I am actually seeing what happened to a city I have loved visiting for years. Why would I go out of my way to put myself in that situation? Ummmmmm. Yeah (to the underlined)
  12. Also, everything I posted had to do with grief and pain in "our community" I guess when I think of "our community" it is EVERYONE because I like to think every citizen is part of "our community". Maybe you mean just Minneapolis? If you want to limit it to that then I have no business here. I am more of a big picture guy
  13. The entire protest is based on police brutality and yet after 10 pages no one actually put up the numbers. I did and somehow that doesn't fit in to the conversation? That is completely bizarre
  14. Watch this and tell me if this police chief deserves no compassion: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/can-we-make-some-sense-out-of-this-emotional-police-chief-pleads-for-answers-after-4-officers-shot-in-st-louis/ar-BB14Ux7b To say to me that I would defend SS? Look at the people I have spoken for in my last two links and there is a whole lot more where that comes from. And oh by the way, I say go after the white people first when people are out after curfew. Trying to paint me as a racist because you don't like that I want the violence to die down??
  15. No man. Drew Brees said a few words and this former officer was killed in cold blood and his isn't alone: https://abcnews.go.com/US/small-town-police-chief-killed-officers-cities-wounded/story?id=71017820 What is your problem? I can speak on the behalf of innocent people without your approval?
  16. Who really cares? Cops are being stabbed in the neck, shot, run over. All he said is he isn't down with kneeling during the anthem and yet not a word out of you about things like this: Screw their rights? This is only one tiny example
  17. Sad but true and yet not quite genocide. 89 cops were killed in the line of duty. I wonder what the race of the offenders were. There seems to be no access to that data and there should be
  18. There were 41 unarmed people killed by the police last year. We can't assume none of them were a threat, nor can we assume no cops were charged. Out of all of those 41 unarmed people killed by police 10 were African Americans. This is data compiled by the Washington Post. They have been compiling data since 2015 (after the Michael Brown killing). Since that time the number of unarmed African Americans killed by police has been cut in half.
  19. Such an excellent post. I have something to add: If anyone wants to buy a subscription to the Washington Post it costs $39 dollars for a year. With that you can get entry to the most accurate statistics on police violence. By any standard the Washington Post is a liberal media outlet so it doesn't support any conservative agenda. According to the statistics compiled by the Washington Post (which began in 2015) number has dropped. I have an honest question. Does anyone know how many unarmed people the police killed last year? I know the number. Has anyone actually bothered to find the data? It cost me a $39 dollar subscription to the Washington Post. Why these numbers are not readily available? I wonder why when I search the internet for this information it is so damn hard to find? This is information that EVERYONE should know
  20. Forget that violent crime is overwhelmingly disproportionate by race. I don't need to prove a fact. Let me move on to this: Do you know how many unarmed PEOPLE were killed by the police last year? (I know the story of Eric Garner and George Floyd and both made me sick to my stomach. Please don't suggest I don't care) I think it is important the actual number and cases be discussed.
  21. I can repost what I posted before. I am tired and I have long day tomorrow. I will build on what I posted about rebuilding through incentives in the trades and other ideas. It isn't like I am not thinking of solutions.
  22. First of all, I respect you. You might not like what I am about to say in response to this but I have to say it. You're telling me either police go out of their way to "find crime in a specific population" or the FBI and DOJ fudge the statistics. Oh brother. You just made my teeth hurt. I am talking about violent crime and only violent crime. Do you realize that violent crimes in sections of predominantly African American inner cities are far less likely to be solved and prosecuted than crimes in other places? It is a problem bemoaned by prosecutors all over America. There is a no snitch code in places where violent crime is the most dangerous gang-infested areas. (any of this news to you?) One could make the argument that violent crime in the African American community is underrepresented because you can not have statistics for the offender when no one comes forward to identify who did it. You are very well-intentioned but perhaps naïve. I would love to do an experiment with you or anyone else here in Twins Daily just to see what would happen. Let me choose five places for you to go for a three mile walk and show you images of each place. If four of those places are inner-city African American neighborhoods and the fifth is a suburban white neighborhood which do you choose and why? So much sermonizing here. This isn't altruism on your part. It is excuse making
  23. I respect your post and am mystified as to why the numbers are not more available. All that said I want to respond to this first and then backtrack. THe underlined part, specifically. THis is something of great concern to me. You chose the name "Stringer Bell" for what reason? I don't mean to be combative, but I would like to know what about that character appealed to you so much that you chose him to be the name that comes up whenever you post? I guess it is fun to watch, but not so fun talking about? Sorry man, just gotta say. (And I respect the hell out you as a poster) YES, a higher amount of African Americans are killed by police, but given the proportion of violent crime committed it means they come into contact with law enforcement investigating violent crimes at a much higher rate. I don't know how that ends if this doesn't get addressed within the communities. How can it be addressed? I think for one, shows like The Wire don't do anything to uplift African Americans. Nor do I think rap music and the gangster code helps either. So many people are trying to identify with that mindset and it is problematic. I liked movies like Scarface, Dead Presidents, Goodfellas, Clockers, Colors, New Jersey Drive etc... but when I worked at a residential treatment facility in upstate NY for two years I came into contact with a lot of young black males. Virtually every one of them loved those movies and patterned their existence after them and rappers like DMX because he was the most real (and he was from NY) I think a big thing that can help lies in the trades. It used to be there were a lot of African American blue collar workers. At some point the education system decided all students were college bound and blue collar jobs were labeled beneath people. There needs to be programs that give easy entry (and incentives) to young African American males. I would hope we can make programs in the trades for kids who drop out of school and change the way high schools operate. As a country we need more people in the trades. Let them apprentice and earn some $$ exploring fields like auto mechanics, electricians, masonry, plumbing, HMO operating, etc.... These are legitimate careers. Next I would have these programs work in conjunction with opportunity zones so that there can be black owned and black built places that they control. Imagine a community built from the ground up with black construction firms? Maybe I am dreaming, but I think somehow something like this can help. The problem faced by the African Americans in question (not the majority of them) is that they don't have options beyond what you see in shows like The Wire. I teach in a suburban school district and my school is almost a 1/3 Hispanic when it used to be 99% white when I started 23 years ago. Blue collar work gave these Hispanic families mobility. They don't face the same challenges African Americans do but they work hard and are rewarded for an honest day of work. Unfortunately, hustling for the quick buck is far more respected than being a square than working hard to get someplace that might take years. If we can make the route to a solid career quicker and more accessible (specifically ones in the trades) we could see a little more hope.
  24. "When are you willing to give the protesters what they want?" Is what another guy asked and you liked. This was in response to my suggestion that the protesters stand down (after nine days) so we can actually move on to the next phase. When do we move on from all this disorder and begin the process? Don't tell me "When we give the protesters what they want' because they are need to tell everyone what that looks like. Two groups together working on this struggle. If the notion is GIVE US WHAT WE WANT or this won't stop then that tells me they don't want a conversation. They just want to go off for a while. You can romanticize about the protests all you want, but this is ruining lots of lives. I would like you to watch these video and get back to me: The sad part is the protests are too chaotic due to the fact that bad actors are thriving in this setting. I understand the sentiment, but don't understand why the can't connect point a to point b. AND I am speaking about everyone. The majority of the demonstrators are white. I can't even say what the racial breakdown of looters and arsonist are but it could be majority white as well. Don't paint me as being against finding common ground. People in these cities have rights, too. The solution might be if you are white and out after curfew law enforcement takes you down first. How is that for an idea? I am all in on that one
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