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  1. The Cleveland game is postponed. They will play a doubleheader tomorrow. Let's hope they also get to extra innings before they come to Minnesota!!
  2. Great job by Smeltzer. I liked that Rocco took him out when he did and didn't let the big bats for the Royals get a another look at him. I did not like how Rosario came out of the box on the ball off the wall. I don't care if guys admire their home runs, but it better leave the ballpark if they stand and look at it. It would have probably still been a close play at second, but run hard out of the box! I also didn't like when Polanco argued strike 3 the other day on a check swing when the ball got past the catcher. You have a better chance of getting to first running than you do arguing a check swing. That stuff needs to get cleaned up.
  3. I would like to see the Twins add Duran to the bullpen. I know he hasn't pitched above A ball and he's not on the 40, but he has a live arm, he hits upper 90's on his fastball and he has to be added to the 40 after the season anyway. We need something in the bullpen that's better than what's there now.
  4. You do realize that the Twins are first in Home runs, first in RBI's, tied for first in Batting Average, tied for first in runs scored, first in slugging percentage, first in OPS, second in total hits, second in doubles, and have the fifth fewest strikeouts in all of baseball. But hey, there's always room for improvement right?
  5. I'm pretty sure Trevor Bauer is the starting pitcher for the Indians tomorrow and not Jake Bauers. Although that would be very entertaining.
  6. I knew as soon as I complained, they would activate Buxton within the hour. It was strategic.
  7. No kidding. I was imagining an outfield with Sano in left and Astudillo in right and it reminded me of when we had Arcia and Sano in the outfield together...sorry I just threw up a little in my mouth.
  8. If Kepler is unavailable tonight and one of the starting outfielders gets hurt does that me we get to see either Sano, Garver, or Cruz play outfield? Oh joy!!!
  9. Great win, but if Buxton is going to continue to be out and Kepler is going to miss time they have to call up another outfielder, right? I mean they can't just run Cave, Austudillo, and Rosario out their with no back up on the bench? Am I the only one that sees a problem?
  10. I would expect the cost to be extremely high to acquire him. He is not just another player to that franchise and the fan base will be extremely upset if they trade him for anything less than a huge haul of prospects. He won 3 World series for them. I imagine it would be like the twins trading Kirby Puckett back in the day. The Twins should get him if the price is right, but they shouldn't empty the farm system for him.
  11. I don't know if I prefer watching one style over the other, but I do enjoy watching two teams with different styles of play squaring off. With analytics taking over the game a lot of teams are taking similar offensive approaches and it can be boring watching everyone strike out, walk, or hit a home run. I can appreciate the fact that KC has given the middle finger to the analytic approach to hitting and instead is committed to playing small ball. It hasn't worked out too well for them and in the era of the juiced ball I'm not sure what the ceiling is for that style of play, but sometimes if you zig when everyone else zags who knows?
  12. For some reason KC is a tough match up for the Twins. It seems odd because the Twins are 23 games ahead of them in the standings, but all 9 games with them have been tough. The Twins have won 6 of the 9, however, KC has actually outscored them 42 to 40. I think the most telling stat is the errors, 12 errors for the Twins and only 3 for the Royals. I think this may have something to do with the difference in style between the two teams. The Twins emphasize power and extra base hits on offense, while on defense they are willing to live with weaker defenders on the infield while the Royals emphasize putting the ball in play, stealing bases, and pressuring the defense to make plays. I think over the long haul the Twins strategy is better, but I think the Royals can give teams with weaker defenders a lot of problems. Also the fact that Buxton only really played one full game out of the 9 can't be ignored.
  13. My first thought was "maybe they saw something they can fix", but then again if they could fix broken relievers they should start by fixing the guys they already have.
  14. I know that it doesn't really make sense for Rooker to come up for 3 days, assuming of course that Buxton is healthy enough to play by Tuesday, however it's just painful watching Cave hit right now. Almost as painful as watching Astudillo play right field.
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