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  1. There's also a new Sabrina coming out on Netflix.
  2. Yeah, Falvey was an intern when he got to Cleveland. Shelton was already there and didn't work for him. Falvey wasn't involved in bringing Shelton to Cleveland. And when Falvey and Levine brought him over, it was from the Rays after the Rays let him go. He wasn't at Cleveland. Shelton wasn't one of Falvey's guys. Just like Molitor was already here when they happened to take over, but not a guy they picked.. Here is what Levine said: '"Point of fact, Derek hasn't brought a single person over from Cleveland nor have I the Texas Rangers," Levine said. "In reality, the lion's share of the people we've brought in were people we didn't have a previous relationship with. I think we're planning on approaching this post in the same regard, where we're hopeful we can be as thorough as we can to get the absolute best candidates to walk through this door. This would be a very quick process if we had a specific person in mind. We do not." So
  3. You know, neither Falvey nor Levine have brought anyone over from their former teams' coaching staff yet.
  4. Here's hoping this FO can figure out a way to give the next manager an actual competitive roster so that manager can actually have a team that's talented enough to compete. If not, the next manager will be gone in a couple years as well.
  5. When I said hard pass I meant it like this: An unequivocal rejection with no possibility of a later change of mind. Or, you know, absolutely not :-)
  6. did he actually induce more double plays per IP cause his GB rate was lower than it was the last two seasons.
  7. I think if you re-read what I wrote, I didn't say his drop in FIP, or it being out of character, was a reason I was skeptical of his ability to repeat his 2018 going forward). Obviously his FIP drop means he pitched better. Overall, I am also hopeful it's an indicator of long term success, but l have the same belief I had after his 2015 season, trade him now if you can get some value, before he comes back down.
  8. His FIP dropped 72 points (4.13), his BABIP dropped 43 points (to a career best BABIP), and he had a career best LOB%. His K/9 went up, his BB/9 also went up, and he averaged almost 6 innings a start this year (almost hitting 200). He definitely improved, but I'm skeptical this continues in his career, mostly due to the BABIP, LOB%, and his history.
  9. I think Mauer didn't want an end of career tour. It's likely why he did what he did. Although he did seem to enjoy Sunday, he's never been a look at me, look at me, type player. He's always seemed to me to want to be part of the team.
  10. Mauer’s first ten seasons in the majors was one of the greatest runs by any catcher in baseball history. From 2004 through 2013 he hit .323/.405/.468 for a OPS+ of 138 and accumulated 42.9 fWAR, three batting titles, three Gold Gloves, five all star appearances, five silver sluggers,and an MVP trophy. (A good chunk of that was written by Sickels, I added some info). Mauer was a FANTASTIC player from 2004-2013. The offense he was able to put up while playing quality defense at the most physically demanding position (catcher) was incredible.
  11. Of course WAR is a cumulative stat. Your stat comparison completely discounts defense and takes into account players who played anywhere from 20%-50% of the time he did. Those numbers you quoted go up and down. We don't know how anyone above him in those stats end up in those categories if given as many PAs as he was. What we do know is he was there every day, was talented enough to play CF when called upon, and was a very valuable player for the Twins last year. I, myself, and in no hurry to push him aside. Especially when you consider he had those numbers with a BABIP of .236
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