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  1. There's also a new Sabrina coming out on Netflix.
  2. Drew also made a great head up defensive play in the game stopping Biaz from gaining 3B. Huge play.
  3. he got promoted from rookie ball with a .699 OPS, promoted from A ball with a .696 OPS, then promoted from A+ ball with a .721 OPS. Never had an OBP over .335 at any of those stops. I wish there was a but more dominance of a league displayed before moving on. He was an extremely high draft pick, he should have been killing it. Obviously, now, his numbers in AA warranted a move to AAA, but those other promotions? I dont know. Anyway, that was what prompted my comment. I'll be very very happy to be wrong and see this guy be a stud. In any event, still not sure how anyone can say this organization has done him wrong, which was the original opinion I disagreed with.
  4. exactly. The point is, he did better than many want to give him creidit for and he was paid relative peanuts in salary to do it. It's also not a given that just cause some think a tool is ridiculous that I must agree. Group think isn't my strong suit. :-)
  5. Odorizza was worth 2.6 fWAR and had a 4.20 FIP. Yet somehow he is a big disappointment while Kyle Gibson is comeback player of the year with a 4.13 FIP and 2.8 fWAR. Odo was worth three times what he got paid this year.
  6. And now the Orange One mocks Dr. Ford https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-mocks-kavanaugh-accuser-christine-ford-at-rally-%E2%80%98i-had-one-beer%E2%80%99/ar-BBNRi3j
  7. Yeah, Falvey was an intern when he got to Cleveland. Shelton was already there and didn't work for him. Falvey wasn't involved in bringing Shelton to Cleveland. And when Falvey and Levine brought him over, it was from the Rays after the Rays let him go. He wasn't at Cleveland. Shelton wasn't one of Falvey's guys. Just like Molitor was already here when they happened to take over, but not a guy they picked.. Here is what Levine said: '"Point of fact, Derek hasn't brought a single person over from Cleveland nor have I the Texas Rangers," Levine said. "In reality, the lion's share of the people we've brought in were people we didn't have a previous relationship with. I think we're planning on approaching this post in the same regard, where we're hopeful we can be as thorough as we can to get the absolute best candidates to walk through this door. This would be a very quick process if we had a specific person in mind. We do not." So
  8. You know, neither Falvey nor Levine have brought anyone over from their former teams' coaching staff yet.
  9. thought the Republicans already said that.
  10. I think Sano had a decent hand in failing himself, don't you think? I don't know how Gordon has been failed by the organization, unless you mean promoting him when he didn't deserve it over and over. I also don't see it with Buxton.
  11. Here's hoping this FO can figure out a way to give the next manager an actual competitive roster so that manager can actually have a team that's talented enough to compete. If not, the next manager will be gone in a couple years as well.
  12. I think you spelled the word that I put in bold incorrectly :-)
  13. When I said hard pass I meant it like this: An unequivocal rejection with no possibility of a later change of mind. Or, you know, absolutely not :-)
  14. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-engaged-in-suspect-tax-schemes-as-he-reaped-riches-from-his-father/ar-BBNQIfU
  15. A lot of people happy about this news. Good luck Paul.
  16. did he actually induce more double plays per IP cause his GB rate was lower than it was the last two seasons.
  17. I think if you re-read what I wrote, I didn't say his drop in FIP, or it being out of character, was a reason I was skeptical of his ability to repeat his 2018 going forward). Obviously his FIP drop means he pitched better. Overall, I am also hopeful it's an indicator of long term success, but l have the same belief I had after his 2015 season, trade him now if you can get some value, before he comes back down.
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