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  1. I have no interest in any of these teams, but solely from an entertainment standpoint, LA vs Houston II would be interesting. Joe Kelly vs Everyone. Otherwise I just want it over as soon as possible so the Handbook can be released!
  2. That was a fun video to watch. Hammer was huge in the late 80’s/early 90’s.
  3. No doubt this season has been a complete disaster, and has, at least to me, squandered an opportunity to capitalize on a team with Cruz and Berrios, whom would still be here if things weren't so bad. However, I hesitate to call for the front office to be let go. The team spun in oblivion for years, minus the aberration years here and there, and we were all clamoring for a modern front office that took analytics seriously. It was acknowledged that once that happened, there’d be some growing pains. Then 2019 happened. And we all felt something special was happening. Quicker than planned. 2020 was a weird year for everyone, and still the Twins looked to be on track. This year is more than a step back, but to scrap all of it now would set the franchise back even further. Falvey and Levine brought the team from where they were to what we got in 2019/2020. It’s my opinion that they deserve a chance to right the ship. As far as evaluating the minor leagues, the complete system sat still in 2020 and underwent a complete overhaul in 2021. I don’t think evaluating the Twins minor league prospects is going to be clear for a while. Again, that’s just me.
  4. I have a Mauer shirt that's at least 12 years old. I'll never let it go.......
  5. All of this excitement and confidence, while foreign, adds to the intrigue of this season. The downside is there would be a bigger letdown if things don't go as we all hope they will, but it's the risk that we all take as fans of the team. It's a good feeling to be in this position, as opposed to the same old "We hope to be competitive and not be totally embarrassed by July" mentality that permeated Spring Trainings for far too long! I for one am looking forward to this ride, and hoping it doesn't come to a stop until late October! Go Twins!
  6. Life long Chicagoan here. I live on the North (Cub) side of town so I have no issues with fans unless I attend a game at Sox Park (too lazy to list all the aliases). Twins Daily and Gleeman and the Geek make me feel like a part of Twins Territory even here in "enemy Territory"
  7. I'm not against a reformatting of the playoff structure, but this seems to me to be a way to try and appease the young, uninterested former fans who need some flashy, reality show type gimmick to be interested. I agree with the concept that the loser of the WC game is not a playoff team, but never liked the one game idea. It should at least be a best of 3. If you want to have a 6 team playoff structure, then teams 1-2 get a bye, teams 4-6 play a 3 game series and then you have the 2 rounds like we have now. Just spitballing while the 7th graders work in groups on a project........
  8. My hope is that Graterol becomes a force in the LA bullpen and leads them to the World Series, where he then gives up a championship winning homer to Josh Donaldson. Also, I hope the winning pitcher in that game is Kenta Maeda. Oh what the heck....I hope all of the players going to Boston are busts and that the Red Sox finish behind Baltimore! (i'm not salty at all)
  9. Can’t say how proud I am of the Twins front office for standing their ground. I’m glad they didn’t buckle under the Red Sox’s outlandish demands. They need this deal more than the Dodgers or Twins do. Huzzah Falvey & Levine!
  10. Do the twins still hold the MLB rights for Nishioka? Boston can have him
  11. 1.) Where are you from? Lifelong Chicagoan. Became a Twins fan in '87 watching the WS and then becoming a Twin in little league 2.) Age Range? (I'm in my 40s, lower half, easily.) 3.) What brought you to Twins Daily? I was searching for a good baseball podcast years back, found Gleeman & the Geek, and that led me to TD 4.) Highest level of baseball/softball played? HS Freshman level 5.) Favorite Twins Player, and favorite underappreciated Twins player, and if you want, favorite current Twins player? I was always a huge Dave Winfield fan, so when he "went home" I was ecstatic. I understand he didn't play there long, so Mauer would be my all time favorite. I wore #15 as a little league Twin, so I'll say Tim Laudner for most underappreciated. Current roster, I'll say Buxton and/or Donaldson 6.) Favorite non-Twins Daily site/authors? I like MLB Trade Rumors and their content alot. 7.) Favorite Twitter follows? Aaron, John, and TD 8.) Other interests outside of baseball. I'm a language arts teacher, so I like Shakespeare, EA Poe, and reading in general 9.) Favorite part of Twins Daily... forums, blogs, articles, topics... wahtever you like. For Me, Twins Daily makes me feel a part of Twins fandom here in "Enemy Territory"
  12. I don't think the Twins or the Dodgers should have to do anything. It's on the Red Sox. It's not as if the Twins hid Graterol and his medical history in a cave until the trade was made........too bad so sad Red Sox.
  13. Maeda Mania runnin' Wild!

  14. If the comparison is Graterol/Bartolo, well, Bartolo is looking for work......... all kidding aside, I like the deal partially because they’re taking a chance. Maeda has had MLB success and experience, which can only help the Twins staff, especially the young pitchers.
  15. Welcome the Bringer of Purple Rain!!

  16. Signing Donaldson may very well have been a disastrous mistake. Yet I feel so defeated by this. Short of some sort of blockbuster trade, this treading of water is frustrating. Happy New Year to everyone at Twins Daily, and to all who rely on it for all of its wonderful Twins content!
  17. Call me old school.......I had to print the Handbook out. There's just something about taking the Handbook, busting out the 3-hole punch, and putting the Handbook into a binder so it can rest on the shelf with past editions. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put this wonderful resource together, and have done so for all of these years. We Twins fans are lucky to have it!
  18. While Romo has been very good in a traditional bullpen role for the Twins, I can't help but remember he was Tampa's original "Opener." And who has more playoff experience than he?
  19. New Favorite Ice Cream: Rocco Road

  20. New Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rocco ROad

  21. What a fantastic article! Thanks, Nick! Two things not directly related to the article: 1) Is there a better adjective to describe the 2018 season than 'dispiriting"? 2) Is it just me or does Manny Machado "inadvertantly" hit catchers with his back swing often?
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