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  1. That would be the last straw. T. C. needs to be an untouchable player.
  2. It's hard for me to think that either side truly believes the international draft issue is worth losing games over. I think the two sides have simply lost all perspective. One side thinks, "We don't really care about this, but we know they don't want it so we're going to demand it", and the other side thinks, "We don't really care about this, but we know they want it so we're going to reject it."
  3. I remember seeing somewhere that Mijares had returned to his native Venezuela. I couldn't find the source for that, though, so I wouldn't want anyone to rely too heavily on it.
  4. Mine would be Killebrew, Carew, Oliva, and Puckett. But if you put Mauer there in place of Oliva or Puckett, I can't say that you're wrong.
  5. I agree that they're not retooling. I'm not sure if they're rebuilding, because I'm not sure what they're trying to build. If they're going to trade away their good young players as soon as they qualify for high salaries, they're never going to build anything.
  6. The trade of Berrios basically announced that the Twins were not interested in competing for a championship. It's one thing when you say you can't afford Gerrit Cole or Max Scherzer. But if you can't afford Jose Berrios, you're basically saying you can't afford good starting pitchers, and you're not going to win without them.
  7. Rod Carew had 128 career sacrifice hits (a number that is just sacrifice bunts and does not include sacrifice flies). I don't know how many bunt singles he had, but to say that "Rod Carew attempted to bunt 126 times" in his career is clearly incorrect.
  8. Can you explain the Vasquez trade to me? Not that I think he'll be anything great, but he's 27 and is 4-0, 3.61, 1.02 WHIP with 68 strikeouts in 42.1 innings in St. Paul. Berman is 26, has never hit above Class A, and has barely played above AA. I don't get it.
  9. I see that Julien came out of the game in the ninth inning. Do you know why?
  10. Why did the Saints leave Refsnyder, who's been an infielder most of his career, in the outfield, and instead play Telis and Broxton in the infield?
  11. I assume "Brain Meyer" was a typo, but it would be really cool to have a manger named Brain.
  12. I'm getting to the point where I don't care that much whether they play or not. It would be nice if they did, but if not, I can find plenty of other things to do.
  13. What's up with Paco Rodriguez starting two of the last three games and pitching one inning? Is he being used as an "opener"?
  14. I don't understand the "Plates" thing. I get that it's a promotion of some sort, but what are they promoting? And why "Plates"?
  15. Watson's fielding error was an infield popup that no one took charge of. He tried to catch it at the last second and was charged with the error, but it was really a ball that one of the infielders (pretty much any of them) should have caught.
  16. Chattanooga's website says LeBlanc left the game due to an "unknown injury". Any news about what happened to him?
  17. I see that Brandon Lopez came out of the Fort Myers game after being hit by a pitch. Any word on what happened or how he's doing?
  18. I see that Chris Paul left last night's game in the first inning with an injured hand. Any word on how serious it is?
  19. I would suggest it's not just Twins fans who turned against Mauer. When his numbers started going down, we heard an awful lot of whispers from the clubhouse and "unnamed Twins sources" suggesting Mauer wasn't working hard enough, that his injuries were phony, that he was lazy, etc., etc. I would suggest that when the numbers went down, much of the Twins organization, from the front office to the manager to the broadcasters to some of the players, turned against Mauer.
  20. I agree with the overall premise of this article. There can be quibbling over the merits of individual moves, but the individual moves aren't the issue. The issue is that when you look at the totality of the moves, there's no evidence that the Twins have an overall plan for how they intend to build a winning team. This has been true for years now, really. All we can do now is wait and see if the new GM and/or director of baseball operations will change that.
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