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  1. I don’t have names to list but think Twins have 3 areas of concern, 1). The Twins should add 2 RP’s, one being a closer, and hopefully under control thru 2023. 2). The Twins tipped there hand on Correa by playing Lewis in CF, a wrong decision in my mind. Think the plan is to keep Correa beyond 2022, which I hope happens. His leadership impressive, unlike our 3rd baseman last year. In 2023 the Twins may be in the same situation with Lewis. If so, leave him in the infield! 3) I recently calculated that as a team the Twins have almost a 25% strikeout rate (batting). I don’t know what the MLB average rate is but that seems high to me. For a team to be truly successful that strikeout rate needs to come down.
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