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  1. Any idea why Soulaire was added to suspended list? I haven't been able to find any info...
  2. Made it to the Kernels game last night (to complete the Twins road trip for the year), and Adams was awesome. Working fast, really crisp. Throwing well even when WIS was challenging. Was a really fun game. (And I'm going to go on the record as saying I really like the pitch clock....) Also great to see 2 2022 draftees starting last night (Lee & Shuffield w/ his CR debut). Neither did much at the plate, but Lee had a couple great plays at short.
  3. Was there with the fam, fully aware that it was going to be a 'hang with kids' and 'watch the radar' game rather than a 'kick back and watch baseball' sort of game. Started heading to the car before things got crazy because sleep for kids is more important that potentially waiting out a rain delay.... Loved all that the Twins did to lean in to the theme - the player images/names on the scoreboard (Poloncao's surprised face on C-3P0's body was awesome), thematic branding throughout. Great experience for my Star Wars obsessed kids (and myself). Any idea if the Star Wars themed intro video will be available anywhere online? Lightsabers instead of bats and blaster bolts instead of thrown balls was great.....but Anakin holding 2 lightsabers to Orbit's neck with Palpatine saying 'Do it' was classic.
  4. My favorite part may be Arrez's bat flip....don't remember another double-bat-flip HR.
  5. Don't think that's considered small ball.... Go Twins
  6. Thx....blanked on Sanchez, haven't been keeping updated this weekend
  7. Late to the game thread....why no Jeffers or Sanchez PH for Godoy? Someone who's actually faced MLB game pitching this year?
  8. Happy to report that yes indeed, business as usual. Great time walking around the complex, Falvey took our family's picture (and he was really gracious when I made a comment about ownership getting their act together so everybody can get to camp). Now to figure out who it was that gave my kid a ball.
  9. Newbie here commenting because our family is flying out this afternoon for some beach time and we hope to at least stop by the complex. Does anyone have more info about what the day-to-day is looking like this year?
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