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  1. I just listened to the Rand podcast, and the bit had Phil Miller on as a guest. Both thought that 2022 was a throw away year, which I have to agree. I cannot see the Twins with a winning record. Also, both suggested that Polanco is moved back to SS, and use as a bridge to Lewis. That would allow Arraez to move to 2B, and allow Gordon to be utility. "Gleeman and the Geek" really do not like Nick. Any thoughts? Obviously, pitching is the main concern for next year. I have to believe that in the Twins' front office, most talks revolve around picking up pitching. Would you take a chance on Bundy, and Gausman? And what would they cost? Bring back Pineda, and his 120 innings per year may economically be the right choice. The Minor leaguers may be another year away. Ober and Ryan should be penciled in.
  2. I recently listened to a Roy Smalley podcast, and he mentioned that he asked one of Gene Mauch's coaches, How do you build a solid, young pitching staff? His response was, start with 10 young, quality arms. I believe that the Twins are approaching the 10 young, quality arms. This past year, MN depended on JA Happ, and Shoemaker to help carry the rotation. I think Shoemaker is pretty much done, but have you seen Happ's numbers with the Cards? If Buxton is healthy next year, this team will score runs dennis
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