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  1. What happened here? Seemed to have been a wasted roster spot.
  2. What happened? Has an appearance where is removed after 1 pitch. Probably ill or dehydrated. Then dfa'd Wasn't his 40 man roster spot a waste?
  3. Maybe the trading chips weren't what the Rangers, the Reds or what other teams wanted. It also appears the next wave of pitching talent is not ready to open the 2022 season and it also appears the Twins are not opening up their wallet
  4. Good start with the 7 signed that we know of.. Interesting they have signed very few pitchers in the international signing periods.. The Rays signed 23 players in this signing period.
  5. Why is budget always mentioned. Teams can spend as much as they want. Sure teams have lost money the past 2 years, so what do they do, have a lock out. Budget and small market are terms that are excuses. Unfortunately fans are gullible
  6. FO lacks player development and player evaluation skills or performance. Baddoo, Wade, Jr., could have helped in 2021, instead we have Garlick, Cave and others. Many pretender pitching performances instead of Wells. They are ready on camera to pat themselves on the back and nowhere to be found as the Twins flounder. The local media including this one needs to ask non snowball questions. Need to turn up the heat to maybe get some progress. Yes the Twins won the division in 2019 and 2020, but looked terrible in 2021. Winning the division see.s to be the goal and nothing else. The national media will continue to ignore the Twins,
  7. Is Austin Martin playing winter ball? If so, what position is he playing? If it multiple positions then they probably are not counting on him as a SS
  8. Interesting to see Martin and Lewis as shortstop options. If this were the mid 40's to mid 50's having Martin and Lewis as your shortstop would be considered a joke. Hopefully our version can be good and preferrably very soon
  9. I think Luis is being wasted as the roving fielder. He needs 500 at bats and consistency. If he can DH and play some 2B and maybe 3B and get him 500 at bats. If not he is being wasted. I don't want to see him blossom elsewhere
  10. The sad part is the Twins are part of the tanking discussion. The need a new stadium excuse to compete is just that, an excuse. The speculation is even underwhelming. Unless unforseen changes are made we are in a downhill spiral for awhile. Even in the weakest division the Twins look like a last place organization. Reading comments here and elsewhere there is not much positivity. Hard for the fans to get behind the FO "plans"
  11. Garlick and Smeltzer are possible removals and possibly Cotton. Waddell and Gibault were wasted roster holders for most of 2021, so I hope they look hard to his spot and not run into another Baddoo, Webb type loses in 2022.
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