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  1. The Baseball Project deserves more acclaim: https://video.whyy.org/video/-canvas-baseball-project/
  2. Insightful analysis by Nick. Rogers has been hittably human since the latter half of 2019. The 17-inning sample size for 2020 should be expanded but with innings in lower-leverage situations.
  3. If Wes Johnson thinks he has a fix for the barrage of BB, then I'm in. Maybe a one-year deal with a team option for the second year.
  4. If the 5th rotation spot had been determined on who pitched best, it would be Berrios.
  5. This is an informative and insightful piece, as usual, Parker. Thanks. I would think framing would be a very teachable skill. Ongoing analysis like this will help identify useful techniques until we have consensus on "good framing" and "bad framing" approaches.
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