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  1. Anybody know where one can buy one of the robes? I've searched and can't find much online.
  2. "I would just point out that nowhere on the planet do you have a better chance of making things better than you do in the US." Complete bull****. Talk about just making stuff up. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/06/04/economic-divide-black-households/
  3. I suggest you read Steve Fletcher's twitter feed for a description of what happens when a council member does something in opposition to the police union. https://twitter.com/MplsWard3
  4. For the first part, I suggest you read "The System," by Robert Reich. We will likely never see another amendment to the Constitution, unless it's for something completely meaningless and worthless like flag burning. If it wasn't for family I would strongly consider moving to Canada, one of the Nordic countries, perhaps Germany. And yes, I've been to each of them and have traveled internationally extensively, and lived overseas for a year. I'm ashamed at the mess of a country I am leaving my children and grandchildren - a country that is financially, politically, racially and morally broken.
  5. "We live in the greatest country on earth" is the laziest possible statement ever. The transfer of money and power to the top 1% has effectively destroyed our democracy and turned us into the equivalent of a banana republic. We have a president who dispels peaceful protesters with chemical irritants for a fake photo opp. We have an obsolete Constitution that does not allow for modification. We have a policeman with at least 17 complaints of misconduct who murders a handcuffed man in broad daylight, with three of his colleagues watching and doing nothing. Our country is broken, and far from the "greatest in the world." Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.
  6. You realize that Escobar was a free agent once the season ended? So he could have left and signed with Arizona, with us getting absolutely nothing? No way he gets a qualifying offer.
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