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  1. I had to turn the game off at 10-1. There is only so much pain I can endure at my age. I wonder if the owner and front office have learned something from this year's experience. It is likely that attendance will take a hit from the team not being watchable, a double whammy with COVID limitations early. Sometimes fellows you have to spend money to earn money. Not resigning a few of last year's arms to save a buck or two isn't panning out. More likely, they will blame it on injuries.
  2. Squirrel said: What do you do when no one seems capable of doing their jobs? This goes much deeper than one player. True, but our closer had three leads and gave up the lead to lose on the final at bat of the opposing team. Wouldn't the record look a little brighter if we stood at 10 wins and 11 losses rather than 7 and 14.
  3. What do you do when your closer cannot close?
  4. If the Twins right the ship, fine. If not and they miss the playoffs, Rocco could be on the hot seat. Most of what has happened may be out of his control, but when has that ever made a difference. When a team under performs dramatically, the front office cannot fire the players. So the manager gets the blame.
  5. The Red's need an impact bat and a shortstop, although they have a good defender at short who broke in at midseason last year. To expect Garcia to skip two levels and hold down the starting job is expecting a bid. With losing Galvis to Baltimore, some insurance should be sought by the front office. They also need starting pitching, so to obtain a starter from them one would have to be included in the package.
  6. I agree with those who point out that the decision not to play is intended to call attention to the issue. Those who call for consequences simply do not understand civil protest. Take for example a mother who marches to the state capital with a sign encouraging the enactment of a bill to lower the cost of medication, say insulin, for her daughter, a type 1 diabetic. The mother is bringing attention to the cost and seeking others to assist in a resolution she believes in. There is no necessity for consequences.
  7. I believe it is time for Romo to become our closer, at least until Rogers comes around--if he ever does.
  8. 1.) Where are you from? I'm from Appleton, MN former home of that semi-pro town team the Millers (due to the flour mill that was a major employer in the 1950's. Currently live in northern California. 2.) Age Range? I graduated from high school before Woodstock. Enough said. 3.) What brought you to Twins Daily? I don't remember. 4.) Highest level of baseball/softball played? High School. 5.) Favorite Twins Player, and favorite underappreciated Twins player, and if you want, favorite current Twins player? Favorite Twin: Tony O. Most underappreciated: Caesar Tovar. Favorite Current Player: Berrios. 6.) Favorite non-Twins Daily site/authors? MLBTR 7.) Favorite Twitter follows? LaVelle 8.) Other interests outside of baseball. Is there anything outside of baseball? OK, reading, travel and the Vikings. 9.) Favorite part of Twins Daily... forums, blogs, articles, topics... wahtever you like. Minor league information. 10.) Tell us what we can do better. What features or other topics would you like to see in-season or out of season? I'm headed to Fort Myers on Feb 29th. Want to give me a few tips on where to eat? 11.) Have you been to any of the Twins Daily "events?" Not too many have been in the San Francisco area. lol You didn't ask for my favorite Twins memory. One was listening to the 1965 World Series on the radio while attending school. That Principle was awesome. But perhaps my best was watching Roger Clemens and Frankie "Sweet Music" Viola in a pitchers duel in Fenway Stadium. I was rooting for the Twins, of course. The man in front of me, in a heavy Boston accent, informed me that it wasn't a good idea to root for the opposing team in Fenway. I bought him a beer and we made nice through the rest of the game. The Twins won, of course.
  9. I've watched him for years. Mad Bum is who the Twins need. He can be counted on going 7 or 8 quality innings every 5 days and he is a good presence in the clubhouse. The Giants should have locked him up two years ago to an extension, but didn't because they didn't want to exceed the luxury tax limit. Their failure to do so is a great opportunity for the Twins!
  10. Having watched him for a couple of years in the Giant's system, I would guess that I have too high a personal opinion on his value. Nevertheless, putting him on the 60 day IR list should eliminate the negative of having him on the 40-man. You still can protect that one, extra Rule 5 eligible player.
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