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Phil Hughes's Shot at History

Greg Logan



Twins Video

As we near the end of yet another September stretch that's given Twins fans little incentive to tune in, our de facto staff ace Phil Hughes is about to give us one big reason to pop in the headphones at work on Wednesday: a genuine shot at history.


As reported by NBC's HardBallTalk on Saturday, Hughes currently sits at the highest single-season K/BB rate in baseball history going into his Wednesday start against the Diamondback. His 11.31 K/BB rate narrowly edges Bret Saberhagen's 1994 rate of 11.00.

By my math, Hughes needs to accomplish one of two things against the Diamondbacks to take the record:


1. Issue zero walks

2. Issue a single walk while striking out 7 or more


I should also mention that if Hughes goes 8.1 innings, he hits the 210 IP mark that qualifies him for an extra $500k bonus. I think we can all agree he deserves it.


So skip work if you can, pop in the earbuds if you can't, and cheer hard for strikes (under your breath if you have to). It ain't every day you get a chance to witness history, folks.



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