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Unwrapping the Good, Bad, and Ugly Spring Twinkies and Talking WBC




Twins Video

Listen to the Mar. 5 Minnesota Foul Play-by-play podcast here. We start talking Twins at 11:40.

Spring Twinkies Look Mostly Good, a Little Damaged, Pagan Ugly, but Never Expired

  • The Good 

    • Joey Gallo was 3-for-3 on Sunday (with a long ball). He’s hitting line-drives. 

    • Max Kepler has also been hitting line-drives, and depth piece Elliot Soto has been on fire. 

    • Correa looks like Correa (he had a nice line-drive to right field, Sunday)

    • Duran was making 101 MPH look easy today (1 walk, 1 strikeout in one inning of work)

    • Kyle Farmer is playing like a stud (great off season addition)

    • The Brook’s Lee boner is still rock hard. “Man, that kid is a stud,” shortstop Carlos Correa said. “I really, really, really like this kid. I’m very, very high on him. Don’t be surprised if we see him up this year.”  

    • 19-year-old Jose Salas (who the Twins got in the Luis Arreaz trade) is fun to watch…cherry on top of that deal. He’s got a helluva hit tool.

  • The Bad

    • Gilberto Celistino (6-8 weeks, thumb), Jose Miranda (shoulder), Nick Gordon (high ankle sprain) all hurt

      • Miranda will not play in the World Baseball Classic because of shoulder concern 

      • Miranda homered twice on Sunday, so the shoulder isn’t effecting his swing

  • The Future

  1. Brooks Lee, SS (MLB No. 31)

  2. Royce Lewis, SS (MLB No. 45)

  3. Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF (MLB No. 88)

  4. Edouard Julien, 2B (has had a great Spring Training so far)

  5. Connor Prielipp, LHP

  • The Ugly

The WBC Injects MLB Spring Training with Steroids

  • Twins playing in the WBC make up much of the Puerto Rican team, which is always good

    • Remaining Twins’ Spring Training players will play the WBC favorites from the Dominican Republic on Thursday, March 9 at noon CST

    • Probably the most competitive game they’ll have all Spring

  • Other players to watch:

    • Yoenis Céspedes is playing for international powerhouse Cuba (he’s 37 and hit the longest homer in the dinger derby at Target Field in 2014), as are White Sox Luis Robert and Yoán Moncada

    • Shohei Ohtani (Japan) could end up pitching to Mike Trout (USA)


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