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Does this team not have...

The Mad King



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...a trainer. A guy that knows how to stretch them out? I mean, other than Correa, and Kiriloff's wrist, muscle strains etc are considered "preventable" injuries. Do some stretching exercises for Pete's sake. Loosen up... The rest of us get up every day with sore muscles and go do our jobs...



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The number of "injuries" have been growing for all teams.  I don't think it takes much.  They are more concerned about prolonging their careers than playing for now.  With the huge contracts you have no choice.  It is sad that it got to this point.  Starting serious play at such young ages has changed too.  I swear you have to declare your sport by the time you are 5 years old now.  Then it goes all year long.  Baseball was a summer game for kids it is much more than that and if you don't keep playing all year long you will most likely fall behind.  This happens with all sports now.

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