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G'day folks, I'm Nerrida. I'm a Twins fan residing in New South Wales, Australia, and l think too much. The thinking too much leads to writing and the writing leads to... well... stuff like this. General musings, a bit of banter, whatever pops into my head. I hope you can find something here that makes you think or makes you smile. Oh, and I hope the time difference doesn't throw you all off. 

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We Got 99 Problems, But A DH Ain't One.

The Twins have some holes coming into the 2022 season, some question marks, and some big decisions to make. Whilst most offseasons of late seem to have been kind of quiet and at times last-minute in terms of moves, this offseason has the potential to be very busy for us. There is a clear need to upgrade the pitching - having penciled in Ober and Ryan as our only lock starters makes me more than a little anxious - and there is a big gaping hole opening up at shortstop. Where we don’t seem to need


the_neds in 2022 Musings

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