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G'day folks, I'm Nerrida. I'm a Twins fan residing in New South Wales, Australia, and l think too much. The thinking too much leads to writing and the writing leads to... well... stuff like this. General musings, a bit of banter, whatever pops into my head. I hope you can find something here that makes you think or makes you smile. Oh, and I hope the time difference doesn't throw you all off. 

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Let Me Talk About Catchers

The Minnesota Twins have four catchers in the conversation for the 2022 season that I can see - even if some of those conversations aren’t going to be very long. Let’s start with what I consider one of those quick ones.    Willians Astudillo  La Tortuga is a folk hero, and we love him. Everyone loves our relief pitching, chubby base-running, helmet losing backup-backup-backup catcher. But at this point, keeping him on the 40 man is pretty much just keeping someone else with more v


the_neds in 2022 Musings

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