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It always come down to pitching

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Twins 2021 season has ended before it could ever really get going...

I'm normally a pretty optimistic kind of guy. I'm not a statistician. I don't profess to know everything about baseball or specifically the Twins. But I'm seeing some very troubling signs with this team after its fast start out of the gate. Leads being blown. Too many errors being made (physical and mental ones). The bullpen continuing its inconsistency from last season. Key players not contributing at the level of their pay scale (you know who they are).   I'm sure folks will scream at m

It always comes down to pitching [in October]

So the playoffs between the Yankees and the Twins is essentially over. And just as it has in years past, the winning team sported (has) the better pitching. The Twins did an amazing job this year on offense. They broke the MLB record for most home runs by a team for a single season, and improved their team's offensive statistics in just about every category (but were a league low in SB?!). Yet, all of that meant nothing against the Yankees. This team is fun to watch at times (during the reg



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