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An Overview and Brief History of the Minor Leagues

After reading Rosterman's articles about where they are now players, I was inspired to create this article about the minors and some of it's history.  I think this stuff is pretty fascinating and at times I geek out about learning about it.  Would I have shamelessly "re-appropriated" much of this material from elsewhere if the league wasn't in a self-induced coma?  Possibly not, but either way I still love to share things I find out and learn about the greatest game on the face of the earth.

Possible Postponment of 2nd Game of Twins / Indians in PR

Don't know for sure if this will affect tonight's game or not, but it just came across the news that the whole (yes the WHOLE) island of PR has lost power and initially, it is not expected to be restored for 24 to 36 hours.   But on a more humanitarian note, this really stinks for the residents of PR.



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