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  1. I don't get these either, sure this team is absolutely frustrating but was nobody watching from 2011-2016? Those years with few good players and no quality prospects in the minors close enough to make any positive impact. I saw Yohan Pino pitch a game in person and thankfully we haven't hit that low yet. Be frustrated with this team, and feel free to criticize the many criticizable aspects, but let's be rational as well. Stop this, it's not going to happen, nor should it. What team would fire a manager coming off two straight division titles after a few admittedly bad months? An incomp
  2. They're probably not saying he has to remain in the rotation, but they are almost certainly saying he has to remain on the 26 man roster. If Rocco is lobbying the FO to keep him, you're right that's entirely the wrong decision. However, it's almost a pick your poison scenario, they'll never say it publicly but they don't trust him starting, but they also don't trust him in the bullpen either. That's a longwinded way to say it's a bad signing that for some reason this team seems reluctant to admit to.
  3. It's almost as if Baldelli doesn't have complete control over who is on the roster and has to use the players he's given. So rather than trash talk one of his players he gives a non-answer.
  4. What? I have as much respect for Tom Kelly's two World Series titles as the next poster, but let's not pretend that there weren't some bad players on bad teams playing badly. Tom Kelly did oversee a stretch of years so bad that the team was nearly contracted.
  5. Let's not forget that the MLBPA is not going to allow scab players into its membership so any player that has a reasonable chance at making the majors would be a fool to scab.
  6. How is it Sano's fault if he has fewer people on base when he's up compared to his teammates? RBI is an opportunity stat. Besides 79 RBI for a #5-7 hitter is more than respectable.
  7. In his defense he's been doing both the prospect list and the list of those who just missed the cut for a decade or so, with a quick turnaround, if any readers don't know that it's on them. Besides let's not pretend that anything more than a small fraction of the twitter replies are valid criticism, rather just people complaining that their team's prospects got the shaft so why do they deserve replies? I'm not even the biggest Keith Law fan, but he is unusually open in engaging with people and even if you disagree with his methodology the guy isn't an idiot, he just grades people differently.
  8. Awful lot of this going on in this thread...
  9. To be pedantic, millennials range in age from 25-40 so it's not exactly the youth of today killing the game. You could make compelling arguments for a variety of reasons, i.e. wage stagnation, cost of living increases, rising debts, etc. as to why people haven't turned out. It's especially disheartening to see a team that typically hasn't spent enough on the field, and I'll eat these words if they change that this offseason, cater to an elite crowd to pad the Pohlad's wallets.
  10. I never fully understood the lack of leadership criticism Mauer received. From what came out last year around his retirement it sounds like he was more of a behind the scenes guy, organizing ball giveaways after games, showing up every day prepared, setting examples, etc. No one is ever going to accuse Mauer of being "rah-rah" out on the field or in an interview, even if it would have been nice to see once in a while, but not every leader needs to be Rudy-esque. There must be some reason his teammates universally praised him and called him a leader on their team once he retired.
  11. Agreed, also the Twins weren't going to let anyone else wear #7, even if they hadn't officially retired the number. There is no point in waiting 2-3 years for something that everyone knows is going to happen.
  12. I wouldn't classify Gleeman's arguments as mad, more defensive and annoyed. But Rennecke did say this sentence without irony. “In Minnesota, we're hardworking people and don't like it if you're being paid and you’re not out there performing.” I don't know if there will ever be a more eye-rolling quote about Joe Mauer printed.
  13. Unfortunately, the nature of sports where the ultimate goal is to win a championship brings disappointment more often than not. I love those '00s teams, but it's not too much of a stretch to call those seasons failures after only winning one playoff series. Sure, we had great moments and memories that we still appreciate, but they failed to accomplish their one main task.
  14. If he develops a Jack Morris attitude, does that mean he'll stop letting women interview him? A few "decent" starts doesn't negate an entire career of being mostly below-average to awful.
  15. Does losing two games deserve this much attention? I don't see any real negatives from this move. The team gets some goodwill and opens themselves up to creating a market in a relatively untapped territory. Sure, Puerto Rico isn't going to be shoveling cash to the Twins, but this is a business and now they can put themselves in a position to increase brand awareness and marketability.
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