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  1. I love it (only because it's a minor league deal). Yes, he is competing with a handful of other LH power hitting DHs that need to be platooned. If we're only filling a part time DH/PH off the bench, I'd rather have Kubel in that role than Parmelee.
  2. You say Ubaldo will have a high price tag. But if I remember correctly, the free agents that received qualifying offers last year had significantly repressed markets. Do you think that will happen with Ubaldo, and if do, do you think it increases the likelihood of the Twins signing him?
  3. When I read your post, I thought you had to be wrong about the offense and run prevention, so I had to look it up.
  4. It certainly didn't work out well. But no one expected Pelfrey to have a 5.32 ERA (4.32 FIP indicates he's been better than that). No one expected Vance Worley to have a 7.21 ERA either (his 5.53 FIP and 4.77 xFIP are well below what people predicted). Fangraphs and Steamer predicted an ERA in the mid to high 4 range from both, which wouldn't have been great, but would have given the Twins at least a few more wins.I liked both acquisitions, and think it was a fluke that they turned out so poorly.
  5. The twins have scored 3.98 runs per game and have allowed 4.49 runs per game. In the AL, only the White Sox, Astros, and Yankees(!!) have scored fewer per game, and only the Astros, Blue Jays, Angels, and Mariners have allowed more runs per game. It's not pretty. Here's my reasons to hope: we will score more runs next year because Arcia, Hicks, and whomever is playing 1B and 3B will be much improved (how could they not?). We will allow fewer runs because our infield defense should remain as good as it has been, and our outfield defense has nowhere to go but up. And, of course, our pitching could not be worse than it is.
  6. I wonder how much it will change after this year's draft and after Gibson shows he is recovered from surgery.
  7. I am also a 20 game package F in section 203. Huh.
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