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  1. This is exactly why I still have Comcast. I've thought about switching to Sling or Hulu but the cost is not much less when you add everything up. I mostly just watch local sports too. It sucks that there are barely any options left to view them.
  2. We finished 101-61. I see us winning this game. As long as Berrios does well we can get to Paxton.
  3. I'd so break out my Delmon Young jersey for that night. And yes I have a Delmon Young jersey...
  4. Per Phil Miller of Star Tribune...3:45 CST start time!
  5. No ETA yet but I did hear its finally lightly raining!
  6. I hope the game isn't delayed too long. I want to go to BWW after work and watch it. If it gets too long that random basketball game tonight will make the place too busy. (and yes I know what game is on, just don't care! It's baseball season!!!)
  7. No reason to pay for him to play for another team and get nothing in return.
  8. I think the Twins make a move today. Maybe trading Nolasco to SD for a new ball boy and one of those big jugs of Bubble Gum.
  9. I've been looking this morning but haven't found anything about who we offered contracts too. Anyone find anything?
  10. Was gonna say the same thing. I saw the deal pop up on my phone and was like what? So cheap! Love this deal.
  11. I saw the signing the other day but didn't think much of it. Just thought it was another stab at a unknown reliever. I didn't know anything about him until I read this. If he can get even close to his top level he should be able to help the bullpen for sure. Nice work Thrylos!
  12. I don't know how I feel about this yet. I've always been a big fan of Hicks, but we did get a catcher we badly need. Will Murphy been the solution long time? Maybe. Either way so far Ryan is showing he wants to make moves this offseason...and its only November!
  13. I hope this is true! Sounds like Plouffe will be gone. I hope we get Norris or Lucroy for him.
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