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  1. Looks like Adam Brett Walker II might have found a home after being DFA'd 4 times in 3 months. Still doing ABW things - Leading Braves in RBI and XBH's, but striking out less lately. 2 Walkoffs this Spring. http://m.mlb.com/atl/video/topic/26663334/v1246089583/detatl-walker-gives-braves-win-with-walkoff-single/?c_id=atl Just glad somebody has given him a chance even if it is ST. Go Twins
  2. I think most people on the board agree with you. It would be a first in his career (stat line) however. But if you wish it hard enough - it might come true. I only know what I've seen and that stat line you proposed has yet to happen. So maybe? I'll bet on the "at least" 25 home run totals and 100+ rbi totals and 200 strikeout totals he's produced EVERY year on average. Maybe this is the year he won't be able to tap into that power and production. Maybe? - His lack of contact and SO's haven't kept his respective teams from having 80 win seasons and him being the teams leading run producer. So maybe, this is the year his SO's cost his team from scoring more runs than most other teams. Maybe this is finally that year. History shows..........................Balboni, Phelps, Deer, etc. so we will go by that history and play it safe with a Top 5 pick again. I know how my maybe's have turned out (80+ wins) Lol
  3. Hey the kid is playing baseball is all I know. Anything can happen from there. Crazy part is we are talking about a guy who just left the worst team in baseball and got DFA'd off the 40 man (Twins). 3 teams actually picked him up and now he has a chance to impress a new employee. Go figure. It's not like the Twins performed better by keeping Walker off the MLB roster. Like all lost prospects - Maybe a new voice helps with development. We will see how Buxton, Kepler, Rosario, and Vargas progress this spring with a new hitting coach. I pray well.
  4. Really, because I thought the Braves only had three outfielders on their 40 man roster. I imagine ABW will have one of the corner outfield spots opposite their up and coming star Peterson. I've been wrong before, but that is my guess. Just glad to see ABW has been wanted over the off season. 40 man or no 40 man, he will have to produce to make any team. We will see which team performs better at the end of 2017 I guess.
  5. Justin Haley Rule 5 pick up vs ABW II = 2 for 2 with a HR and 3 RBI (I know RBI don't count). Must not be an MLB caliber pitcher - Lol (now that's funny) That was a joke. I hope Haley pitches well. Laugh people. My money is on Duffey as our breakout candidate - Lol
  6. My Breakout guy last year won an AAA MVP and then got released (Lol) I might be a jinx, but I'm going with Niko Goodrum for 2017. He will be a better version of Santana.
  7. Since we are talking about first: First player in MN Twins history to be selected Organizational All-Star (by the organization itself) for 4 consecutive seasons and be waived immediately following selection. MLB Pitching will destroy him? Maybe it was all that bad AAAA pitching that held him back. .Just a thought - I know the comeback comment will be "he is the first to eclipse 200 strikeouts". I would respond with "Rochester's first 80 win season this millennium". On a AAA team that made 60+ transactions this year alone. But this board is talking (1) strikeouts and (2) who to pick with 1st pick in draft. 2013 - First Twins affiliate to have best record in minor leagues during a season. 2014 - Ft. Myers Miracle first ever league Championship 2015 - Chattanooga Lookout first ever league Championship 2016 - Rochester Red Wings first 80 win season in 20 years 2016 - First AAA Team MVP on the 40 man roster not to get called up (EVER) Mr. First?
  8. But a 32% K rate and a .221 BA by Chris Davis can earn you a $161 million dollar contract. Sometimes it just takes the right team to want to take that chance with you. I also wonder why everyone takes an All American collegiate 1st baseman and crucifies him for being an average to below average outfielder. Walker was an exceptional 1st baseman in college, but considered too athletic to be stuck at the position. Hopefully he's with an organization that thinks outside the box and can utilize his multiple skill set. I would bet that you have never seen Walker play defense either while drawing your above conclusion.
  9. Couldn't do worse than we did last year when ABW didn't play - Lol 186 SO / 9 SB / 5 CS / BA .254 / OBP .327 - AA & AAA while an average Defender in Palka Palka had a .232 BA & .296 OBP in AAA with a 38.6% SO rate yet looked at as a replacement for Rosario. Lol - Oh and a 8.1 BB rate in AAA 25 SO / 5 SB / 3 CS / BA .319 / OBP .343 - AAA Rosario 91 SO / 5 SB / 2 CS / BA .269 / OBP .295 - MLB Rosario Only in Minnesota would fans want Palka over a MUCH MUCH better defender in Rosario Somebody would have to explain that to me someday. 202 SO / 7 SB / 4 CS / BA .243 / OBP .305 - This guy [ABW] doesn't have a chance in hell to make it in the MLB though because he struck out at a lower 38.0% rate in AAA with a higher 8.3 BB rate in AAA than the above mentioned Palka. One guy is a replacement for Rosario and the other guy doesn't have a chance at ever making it in the MLB. Honest assessment is why exactly? Palka has a stronger arm than Walker, but is nowhere near the defender of Walker in the OF. According to Rochester manager Mike Quade. All that being said - Neither player should be a replacement for Rosario - PERIOD!
  10. You're talking WAR and we have the 1st pick in the draft - LOL - Oh that's right ABW didn't play on that team, so we can't drag his bad play into those results. We love our OBP statistic as that go to predictor for success, but Joe Mauer fails to score every year because those other guys behind him DO NOT DRIVE IN RUNS. We suck because we don't have a guy on the team who can drive in 100 runs EVERY year. The good teams have that or at least several people who are close (80+). The second best RBI player on the Twins had 66 - LOL. We'll see if RBI's matter moving forward with new management. NOTE - We talk about strikeouts - But the Twins sucked this year because they were the ONLY team in the AL who DID NOT have at least 2 players with 70 RBI on their team. The team with the most Runs wins every time! But let's talk about WAR - LOL or let's blame the pitching. A team with no role players and no production fixtures will lose most nights. Joe Mauer is one of the greatest hitters of his generation and averages 68 runs a year and 61 RBI a year over 13 seasons. Must be all those high OBP guys hitting behind him and in front of him. 3 playoff appearances in 13 years because he never had enough help (Producers). Team with the most runs wins every time.
  11. As bad as he is professed to be - He never played on a team with a winning percentage below .550. I would have kept him as a good luck charm if nothing else. Might not be all approach, but intent often controls approach and helps with recognition. Not doing too much helps with contact. "Approach"
  12. I have no problem disagreeing with an organization that just EARNED the first pick in the draft. Justification on Walker being placed on waivers would hold more water if this were an organization that made better decisions overall. New management = New Decisions - Time will tell I guess? At least Walker was claimed by a playoff team this time. The Orioles can afford to take more chances with players, than a team with 100 loses. The Twins have less room for error in their decision making and need to go with the more sure thing IMO (if there is such a thing). Change of scenery is good for both parties. Here's to the Twins pulling a Colorado University (Worst to First). And here's to Walker learning how to do his Chris Davis impersonation at the MLB level. Maybe he'll be on a team that actually believes in situational hitting and forces him to act accordingly. That just doesn't happen in the Twins minor league system. I agree that Walker has never changed his approach while with the Twins, but I also agree that he was never asked to do so. Never benched for poor approach, Never chastised for poor approach, His reward was playing in more games than any player in the Twins system over the last 4 years. When and how does an organization get changed results if they continue to reward a poor approach? Please help me understand how the player is the only one with flaws in this equation?
  13. Your theory is possible, but you know what they say when you ass u me - He's never had an OBP below .300 despite assumptions he would at every level. It's also crazy that ABW II may someday go into the: Cedar Rapid Kernels HOF for his 2013 season accomplishments (League MVP w/27 HR & 109 RBI & best overall record in minor league baseball that season) Chattanooga Lookout HOF for his 2015 season accomplishments (breaking HR & RBI franchise records [1930 - pressent] while winning league AA championship in Twins 1st full year affiliation with Chattanooga) Waived without a sniff/cup of coffee - The Twins ASSUMED wrong IMO
  14. May be he stays on 40 man in Baltimore? ABW II won't be able to do "it" at the next level, might actually become a fact someday. Just hasn't happened yet. Always produced. Always. Has been on a winning team at every level in the Twins system. Except the actual Twins. #NoCallUp (1) Will never hit for power against MLB pitching despite hitting for power at every level. (Avg. 27HR/per season) (2) Guaranteed to have low OBP at MLB despite never being below .305 at any level. (3) Will never curb SO's despite having a SO rate of 20% under different hitting coach in past. Maybe Chris Davis can teach ABW how to succeed with his SO approach - Lol #PlayoffBound #JustWinBaby #TimeWillTell #Faith #Pressure=Opportunity
  15. "Bringing Back The Band... And That's Just Fine" "Breaking Up the Band...And That Was All Wrong" I'm talking about the minor league band. The Twins were in such a hurry to please fans, that they brought up each of their young star prospects and never taught them the path to winning. They should have (at some point) had: Rosario; Sano; Vargas; Buxton; Polanco; Kepler; Berrios; Duffy; Rogers; etc. - all play at the same level and EXPERIENCE winning a Championship title together. As it is - only Polanco (1x) - Kepler (3x) - and Buxton (1x) know what winning a title feels like. I suppose Hunter, Hawkins and Cudayer can tell the youngins' what it should feel like? To me that's building ass backwards, but I guess it's still building?
  16. I still believe Walker will make some teams 40 man this 2017 season. I still say it was the Twins that screwed Walker. Not giving him a September call up after being the only prospect in the system to make the Organizational All Star Team 4 Consecutive Seasons is a slap in the face. Especially when you promoted 20+ guys from AAA who either started the season in AAA or you signed to minor league contracts and added to the 40 man roster and then promoted during the season. I might understand it if you didn't have 100+ loses and the worst record in the MLB? Yet you reward a James Beresford, Logan Shafer, Darin Mastrionni, etc., etc.. MILB.COM ORGANIZATION ALL-STAR 2013: Minnesota (AL) 2014: Minnesota (AL) 2015: Minnesota (AL) 2016: Minnesota (AL) Adam Brett Walker II - The only 4 time consecutive participant on the MLB Twins Organizational All Star Team since................... The Rodney Dangerfield of the MN Twins system. Time will tell if someone finally gives him respect. I'm only going on the 4x All Star Representation - Maybe it wasn't derserved - Lol
  17. He's not even on the Twins anymore - yet you (ashburyjohn) continue conversation in which you warn me about (Lol). Fact is: Twins paid Logan Shafer more (2x) in his one month of call up duty than they did rewarding Walker for being on the 40 man roster all season. ABW got screwed by the Twins in that respect, and what happened with the Brewers was strictly business. Bottom line is he will get to play next season for someone (minors or majors) and will have to step his game up to show he belongs. Will he get claimed again or get placed on Brewers AAA squad? That is the question for the week?
  18. I'll stop venting - Happy for him - Sad that the Twins never gave him that September call up though.
  19. I agree based on the norm that he should get distroyed in the pros. However - there has been nothing normal about his outputs (strikeouts included). Let's put everything in perspective - (1) OBP is important for the purpose of scoring runs and driving in runs - Walker has led team in RBI every season and finished 1st or 2nd in runs scored every season (Despite low OBP). Probably shouldn't happen, but it has. But it won't happen in the MLB because again it probably shouldn't happen with a low OBP like his? His OBP has been consistent every year despite probable next level pit falls. (2) All or nothing is what he is labeled despite leading the league in Extra Base Hits every year but 2016. Doubles and triples never get mentioned despite him finishing 1st or 2nd on his team in doubles every year. And usually among the top in the league in doubles. Same amount of doubles as home runs virtually. Strikeouts do matter and he will have to correct that flaw if he is to have an All Star career, but production has yet to be a concern for all that think he won't be able to produce at the next level - Again? Maybe this time you will be finally right? Not many guys put themselves in scoring position more than Walker does in a season either. And for those who doubt his speed - Walker was 84 for 98 in stolen bases (college thru MiLB) - Not bad for a 1 tool player - Lol NOTE: Again - The Twins had 28 teams strikeout more than them in 2013 and still finished 66-96. Go figure. You need playmaker's! Strikeouts be damned!
  20. Most have never seen Walker and base their assessments on what they read. Fair enough, but does he look like the type of hitter or poor defender that has no upside? Maybe new voices (coaches) can correct his flaws, but his skill / tool set is real and too often ignored. SPEED - 43 for 56 in stolen bases = not slow / 130 doubles & triples in 5 seasons POWER - Enough said @ every level ARM - Much better in 2016 and was never weak (just tentative) ---90 MPH off mound in H.S.--- DEFENSE - Never a poor defender in terms of tracking balls ---arm issues got tied in to total defensive ability--- BAT - Until he improves contact rate - it will be his biggest flaw BASEBALL IQ - Excellent base runner / Pressure Hitter ABW II 2016 Highlights https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_hYvi0BJQrQ-q4QaR4s9ZKe06cXLhuyw
  21. At least they would be winning - Lol The Twins had 28 teams strikeout more than they did in 2012 and they still had a 66 - 96 record. Keep building your way and maybe, just maybe that formula will work. I'll build with winners and production. Goodrum 3 championships Walker 4 championships I know Goody and ABW didn't win those championships by themselves, but they sure didn't win them with the guys most people imagine they won them with either. Every team needs those intangible players. MINOR LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS Sano - 0 Vargas - 0 Santana - 0 Polanco - 1 Berrios - 1 Buxton - 1 Rosario - 1 Kepler - 4
  22. Palka will make it because he is a baseball player that just gets results. Sometimes you just need those types on your team. No secret formula - just result driven!
  23. Piazza went through 62 rounds before somebody drafted him. Just takes one team. That being said - Hopefully he continues to mash while dropping his K rate. He's never not mashed is what he has going for him despite the claim that he will eventually stumble - "The pitcher friendly Florida State League will eat him up" - yet he hit 10 more homers than any other player in the league and 20 more rbi. "The minor league's best pitchers talent wise are in AA" - yet he hit 31 home runs and 106 rbi to set Chattanooga franchise records. (21 home runs in the 1st half of season and before those talented arms got promoted to AAA) "The pitchers in AAA know how to pitch and he won't be able to sustain his power numbers as they hit their spots against him" - yet he finishes 2nd in AAA in home runs (27) and 3rd in rbi. Just saying - It only takes 1 club to truly believe in you. Good luck ABW II
  24. I do believe a player is responsible for their own career, but I also think there is some responsibility of the organization to help in this matter. Before you blow me up, hear me out - Walker has been under the instruction of the same hitting coach (Chad Allen) for AA - AFL - AAA (His 3 worst strikeout years). Not saying Chad is a bad instructor, but that maybe there is a disconnect between the two, having been together for so long. Imagine having the same teacher for 3 grade levels - You might stop truly hearing the message. Just saying it would have been nice to have Walker under another hitting coach for a month or two to see if that helped. [He did strike out at a 20% clip in 2013 and finished 25th in the league (SO) that year with similar numbers (27 HRs and 109 RBI).] - That was with another hitting coach (Tommy Watkins) and with 500+ ABs as well (to your point).
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