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  1. Clearly moves have to be made. The problem is that you need trade partners. I'd look to move Rosario, Sano, and Buxton. I don't really see any of these players signing long term extensions and being productive. Who's going to bite for players with bad injury histories and/or inconsistent play though?
  2. This is a tough roster to crack for a bat first player with a high K rate. Hopefully we do see him in the majors somewhere this year.
  3. To a team with a billion dollar tv deal 10 million dollars isn't really worth anything. They are going to spend the maximum that mlb will allow. For everyone else 10 million dollars is much more valuable than a late 2nd round pick. The best example I can think of is the Bobby Bonilla contract. They delayed paying him and that allowed them to sign Mike Hampton. That team went to the World Series. Even without the Bernie Madoff shenanigans is was a good deal for the Mets. Money is an asset just like prospects are.
  4. DH is clearly the way to go. Think of the number 8 hitter in the NL. You're up with 2 outs and you're already the worst hitter on your team. The guy batting after you has no business taking a major league at bat. What kind of pitches are you going to see?
  5. Good article. Easy to be frustrated with the front office when they are unable to sign players. The fact is that there are always things that are out of their control. This signing proves that they have been making serious offers to the players that the team needs to contend. It bodes well for the future.
  6. Bold move Cotton!.. Surely this is plan C, but they still made a move. I believe the Twin's really have a front office that can and will win.
  7. I've had a few too! Good signing, but I'd just as soon let Sano go. You know why.
  8. As far as we know the Twins gave Donaldson the highest offer. 4 years at 100 million is more than fair. He's rebuilt his value, but there was a reason it was down in the first place. They may have failed at signing any of the impact free agents, but they did try. It's more than the Twins ever did under previous management.
  9. I really wanted the Twins to sign Ryu, but free agency has been crazy this year. 4 years 80 million from Toronto? Didn't they just trade Marcus Stroman at the deadline? By the time they're in contention that contract will be an albatross. It would of been worth a bad contract to get Cole or Strasburg (who weren't coming here anyways), but not Ryu or Madbum. Sometimes it's just better to do nothing. Alex Wood is still a good pick up. He always had good stuff when healthy and we need a lefty. If it doesn't work out the contract will not hurt us. Outside of that the Twin's will just need to develop pitching. Haven't seen it from them yet, but it's been the stated focus of the franchise since Terry Ryan was fired.
  10. He just hasn't been the same picture since. It concern's me that there is something else going on like we found with Sam Dyson
  11. Ryu is one of the top pitchers in the game. His age and injury history are the only reason the Twins have a chance to sigh him. Ervin Santana worked out well. I'd go for it. MadBum is league average at this point and has his own injury concerns. Not a close call between the two for me.
  12. There's just too many red flags with MadBum. Looks like he hit his peak in 2016 and has been declining ever since. If he was worth 20 million per year the Giants would sign him (Any one hear remember Sam Dyson from a couple months ago?). No reason for the Twin's to pay for past performance. Hard pass.
  13. What I really like about this is that it shows Odorizzi is confident he will be good next year. I think it's time for the Twins to go all in for a title shot! At least as far as spending in free agency. Need to keep some high end prospects to replace players we will not be able to afford in a couple years.
  14. Great to have you here Travis! I always thought of you as the Twin's 3rd baseman of the future. Who do you think is most likely take over that position? There are a lot of good players in the Twin's system, so I understand it's a tough question.
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