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  1. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=derek+falvey+and+thad+levine&docid=608023870053495060&mid=C4701133F2B8810C3D93C4701133F2B8810C3D93&view=detail&FORM=VIRE It is one thing to learn about baseball from a chat room....
  2. I have recollections that both Berrios and Buxton turned down contract negotiations. The lines used here were similar to "They are betting on themselves". Security would be why you take the contract. Wanting to get what the top players get is why you turn it down. Both would look wise now for not doing so.
  3. A 20 million a year contract would be called a team friendly contract if he makes it through the year without more injury time. Considering Donaldson is shy of 22. prime years of Buxton should be worth more, That is if healthy.
  4. Who comes up when Waddell is sent down?
  5. With some prospect lists being 50 players long it is hard to be under the radar
  6. The claim is nobody else rests their players every 3-4 days as a complaint about Baldelli. The Twins used 20 position players for the year. Catchers were alternated more or less. CJ Crohn spennt 25 days on the dl, 125 games played. Schoop played in 125 games. His play log shoes 6 times with multiple days off in a row, Polonco played in 153 games. Sano played in 105 games with 49 days on the dl, Rosario spent 19 games on the dl and played in 137, Buxton played in 87 games and spent 72 days on the dl, Kepler played in 134 games but was done by game 144. Cruz played in 120 games, 29 days dl time. The Chief is right NOBODY rests their players every 3-4 days. In 2019 there were 250 players in total spent on the dl, . He is also wrong in that Baldelli does it
  7. I don't do the on demand service, are the games available by the streaming services now. That would render game time irrelevant as well as podcast of the broadcast.
  8. Does any of the Data Driven Detectives at the Daily have any idea if the ratings are different for day and night
  9. 90-110 players a year are playing more than 140 games a year. With thirty teams that means there are not very many good players or you didn't bother to back up your claim with facts.
  10. What is learned about a player after 1 inning can be defined as nothing that was not known before
  11. You do not know the quality of the opponent until the point of the season you play them. The September schedule. The Rays and Jays can be worse than they were last year, The young talent of any of the AL central could develop over the year making the fall part of the schedule more difficult.
  12. Cave is a fourth outfielder. That does not block any talent from becoming a major league player except for the player destined to become the next Jake Cave. Jake Cave will continue to be a Twin until either his production drops or the year after he wins an arbitration case. People just need to get used to the idea
  13. That players who hit their bodies up against solid objects have more injuries than those who do not I thought would be common sense. Who knew that it had to be quantified to be valid?
  14. If you look at last year's DH stats for the White Sox, mediocrity for Vaughn would be an improvement. Learn on the job could work, or fail.
  15. From the New York Times In Class AAA, the size of first, second and third base will increase to 18 inches square, from 15. In Class AA, at least four defensive players must be positioned on the infield, each with both feet completely in front of the outer boundary of the infield dirt. In the second half, M.L.B. may require two infielders to be positioned entirely on each side of second base. In high-Class A, pitchers must step off the rubber before attempting a pickoff throw, and in both low-Class A leagues, pitchers will be limited to two step-offs, with a third resulting in an out or a balk. In the low-Class A Southeast League, umpires will use an automated ball-strike system (A.B.S.) to call pitches. In the low-Class A Southwest League, on-field timers will enforce the time between pitches, innings and during pitching changes.
  16. Bigger bases. Why? Infielder positioning rules. If they are going to do that why not put 7 x marks on the field and say this is where you must be for all position players If they do not want pickoff moves insist the runner has to be standing on the base at the start of the pitch
  17. The shooting percentages in the NBA are not that much changed from historical levels. It is still hard enough for them to hit a shot
  18. I will pay you no nevermind as I was not as clever as I once thought.
  19. Closers are sooooooooooo 20th century/ Which reliever is going to lead in leveraged index?
  20. Never minding comments on a comment board is usually a good idea
  21. It is likely that any of these players could play 1b in place of Sano. A little push from competition is a good thing
  22. The "always injured" Mauer after his rookie season averaged playing over 110 games a season at catcher while DH about 20 times a year. That is far different than Buxton. There is no comparison to what Mauer produced at his position compared to Buxton.
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