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  1. Wish Rocco would have Correa use tomorrow for his off day with the rest of the club. Need that $35 million presence in the field every day, esp against a lefty! Shifts Polanco to short and Buck DHing as well. Not a fan. Good luck Paddack!
  2. What’s going on with Jhoan Duran? Haven’t seen him in any of the box scores yet. Is he injured? Also, any word on Balazovich?
  3. LaVelle posted on twitter that Bechtold has signed for $600k. Quite a bit more than slot. Was that expected?
  4. This looks to me like a pretty solid get. $8 million a year for the next three isn't breaking the bank when there are not a lot of attractive assets in this year's free agent class. It improves what we have now at catcher, and that's two unproven guys in Murphy/Garver. Besides its Mr. Pohlad's pocket book so who gives a rip what the $$ amount is. This team is so young it will be 3 years or more before any of our young guns start costing significant money. If the Twins get more competitive I'm hoping they will be willing to ante up for a nice starting pitcher in next year's class. In regards to Garver, I don't think it sets him back. If he's tearing the cover off the ball and improving his already steady defense they shouldn't hesitate to give him a shot at platooning or taking more at bats from Castro.
  5. Nevermind...found answer to my own question when I looked up his Bio from adopt-a-propsect. Should be in the Miracle lineup shortly...surprised he's not with the Lookouts...
  6. Just curious and haven't found on any other thread...where has Max Kepler been? Is he injured?
  7. How come every thread including Diamond suggests that he will regress this season? I understand hitters start to figure pitchers out but don't some pitchers actually improve vs regress once in a while as well? Just something I've noticed in nearly every thread with Diamond. I am excited to see what some of these new pitchers have to offer (Worley, Pelfrey, Harden) and whether Gibson can take the next step. Can't get any worse than last year, right?
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