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  1. Wish Rocco would have Correa use tomorrow for his off day with the rest of the club. Need that $35 million presence in the field every day, esp against a lefty! Shifts Polanco to short and Buck DHing as well. Not a fan. Good luck Paddack!
  2. What’s going on with Jhoan Duran? Haven’t seen him in any of the box scores yet. Is he injured? Also, any word on Balazovich?
  3. This should really help move the bar...5.67 ERA since the start of '15...and done reading the article.
  4. LaVelle posted on twitter that Bechtold has signed for $600k. Quite a bit more than slot. Was that expected?
  5. Will be interesting to hear any tidbits on the bullpen session from Greene tomorrow. Would be fine with any of him, Wright, or Gore at number 1.
  6. I kind of love the idea. Patterson runs like a beast after the catch and doesn't shy from contact. I think he could actually thrive in the role. He reminds me a bit of Percy Harvin with his ability to run after the catch. I always wished they would have put Harvin in the backfield more.
  7. Kind of fun to think about. I'd go: 4-DOZIER 3-MAUER 5-SANO 9-BAUTISTA 7-KEPLER DH-PARK/VARGAS 2-CASTRO 6-POLANCO 8-BUXTON Kind of bummed the Dozier trade seems to be dead...at least for now. On the off chance we sign a guy like Bautista we'd definitely have some exciting baseball to watch though!
  8. Any chance that the Fernandez signing for LA means a possible departure of Calhoun in the deal with the Twins? Maybe a JDL, Stewart, Calhoun package. They'd have Dozier as their everyday 2nd basemen and Fernandez as another guy to add to the system as a potential weapon. I'd probably go for that type of deal.
  9. In order to provide some semblance of order, here are a list of questions: 1) Who do you expect the Dodgers to consider untouchable? Urias, Bellinger 2) How do you rank the following pitching prospects (feel free to include other names): Yadier Alvarez, Walker Buehler, Jose De Leon, Jordan Sheffield, Brock Stewart, Ross Stripling? De Leon, Alvarez, Buehler, Stewart, Sheffield, Stripling 3) How do you rank the following hitting prospects (feel free to include other names): Cody Bellinger, Willie Calhoun, Yusniel Diaz, Gavin Lux, Alex Verdugo? Bellinger, Lux, Verdugo, Calhoun, Diaz 4) Which of these role players (if any) would you be okay with as a 3rd or 4th piece (add other names if you want): Austin Barnes, Chris Taylor, Trace Thompson, Andrew Toles, Scott Van Slyke? Barnes, Toles, Thompson, Puig 5) Who are some interesting sleepers in the Dodgers system that you like? Mitchell White 6) Who are on your 'I don't want this player in a trade no matter what' list? DH type, other than Calhoun as a possible 3rd/4th piece 7) What is your minimum acceptable trade? De Leon, one of Alvarez/Buehler, one of Stewart/Barnes/Toles/Thompson/Puig 8) What is your dream trade (that does not include anyone you considered untouchable)? De Leon, Alvarez, Stewart 9) Would you consider it a failure if Dozier is in a Twins uniform on Opening Day? Yes, love Dozier but he's our best chip to improve the rotation/team sooner than later 10) What do expect Dozier's WAR to be in 2017 & 2018? 6 & 5 11) If Dozier is traded to the Dodgers, what is your over/under for his home runs in 2017? 34 Good stuff, thanks!
  10. I just got this update on my phone as well...could today be the day? I hope so!
  11. http://forums.prosportsdaily.com/showthread.php?916686-Dodgers-Winter-Meetings-Thread/page29 Link to a Dodger's fan forum. Started with the Winter Meetings and a lot of Dozier talk in the early portion of the thread. Then followed by some impatient heckling back and forth about the Dodgers not doing anything so far, their luxury tax problem, roster issues, and GM/ownership debates. Now with the Jansen signing and soon to be Turner signing most of them are all for the idea of unloading a few prospects to get Dozier. Kind of a fun read to follow if you can sift through the annoying parts haha. PS. Been following this thread pretty religiously since its inception and really enjoying all of the updates DaveW. Hoping something gets done soon and we can improve our pitching for the forseeable future!
  12. This looks to me like a pretty solid get. $8 million a year for the next three isn't breaking the bank when there are not a lot of attractive assets in this year's free agent class. It improves what we have now at catcher, and that's two unproven guys in Murphy/Garver. Besides its Mr. Pohlad's pocket book so who gives a rip what the $$ amount is. This team is so young it will be 3 years or more before any of our young guns start costing significant money. If the Twins get more competitive I'm hoping they will be willing to ante up for a nice starting pitcher in next year's class. In regards to Garver, I don't think it sets him back. If he's tearing the cover off the ball and improving his already steady defense they shouldn't hesitate to give him a shot at platooning or taking more at bats from Castro.
  13. Where are the triples!!?? I think he'll average 10 or more...I think these projected numbers are probably a safe floor which wouldn't be terrible. I expect he'll be better
  14. Nevermind...found answer to my own question when I looked up his Bio from adopt-a-propsect. Should be in the Miracle lineup shortly...surprised he's not with the Lookouts...
  15. Just curious and haven't found on any other thread...where has Max Kepler been? Is he injured?
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