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  1. I would agree. I think you need to hold the manager and coaches partially responsible. How does Correa go from a platinum glove to negative OAA? I’ve noticed sloppy play all season (both base running and with defense). Baseball is more than just pitching and hitting and they need to practice that too. (Especially if you are going to play with 5 “utility guys” on the field at the same time)
  2. Not having enough bullpen help is mainly due to not having good enough starters. And building up your starters to go longer that 100 pitches.
  3. Seems like the Twins used to have starters get action in the bullpen in the majors before starting. The obvious best example is Santana. But Falvey seems to believe starters need to be starters. I wonder if Cleveland does the same thing?? Is this where he got that idea? Wes Johnson and the pitching coaches have done well before this this season, so it seems hard to pin the blame on him/them.
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