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  1. In both leagues no less, still the only to do so.
  2. My favorite moment is when it's going to be 40+ degrees the next three days before being completely lousy again next week.
  3. All I wanted was a bit of Cuddyer magic, and rather than a trick for the entire crowd, we got a personal bit of card play right there at the table. Couldn't have drawn it up any better than that. Huge thanks to all of TwinsDaily, both cast and crew. John, Nick, Tom, Seth, Parker, was great to see you all again, another fantastic event.
  4. And *dirty word or twelve*, it's over.
  5. I don't hate Edelman though, I just really wished he played for a different team.
  6. Here's a tidbit, I hate the Patriots.
  7. We can cross that bridge when (if) it ever actually happens.
  8. I broke my phone a couple days ago, explains why they haven't notified me yet.
  9. Boooooooo. Guess it comes down to next week.
  10. Well, they're not dead yet. Go Texan defense.
  11. Thanks Tom, give us a little false hope to cling on to.
  12. I tried, missed the NE TD this time. :/
  13. I knew if I went and shoveled some snow the offense would show up, got back just in time to see the TD replay.
  14. Pro: you get a player that's probably better than Austin at a cost of nothing but cash. Cron: probably not dramatically better than Austin, while costing 10x as much and potentially restricting/stopping the acquisition of a better player elsewhere.
  15. It's been frustrating without a doubt, and I had zero confidence in them going into Wisconsin today, but color me very impressed. I was at the Wisconsin game last year, at home, and it was one of the most embarrassing displays of football I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing (the weather didn't help the mood either).
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