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Everything posted by snepp

  1. Those are some sour Wheaties you've been eating.
  2. Buck had himself a pretty good day. So did the Canuck.
  3. Concur, concur, concur. Sano, playing to his capabilities, adds something to the lineup that they're not going to ever add through any type of in-season acquisition later. "It's just like making a trade....only better." ©­®­™
  4. That's what I'm hoping for. He's likely stretched there defensively, but how many days off does Polanco need (sans injury)?
  5. Hopefully! As with Buxton, I went from expecting production, to accepting any production.
  6. Absolutely not, imnshueo*. He belongs on the major league roster, sink or swim. If he's spending any more time in AAA at this point, it means he doesn't have a future on the major league roster going forward. *(in my not so humble un-educated opinion)
  7. It is, was just added within the last week.
  8. Sounded like they were aiming for a 2019 release, but nothing specific.
  9. The worst part about The Expanse, is that there isn't enough of it.
  10. All I wanted was a bit of Cuddyer magic, and rather than a trick for the entire crowd, we got a personal bit of card play right there at the table. Couldn't have drawn it up any better than that. Huge thanks to all of TwinsDaily, both cast and crew. John, Nick, Tom, Seth, Parker, was great to see you all again, another fantastic event.
  11. We can cross that bridge when (if) it ever actually happens.
  12. I broke my phone a couple days ago, explains why they haven't notified me yet.
  13. Pro: you get a player that's probably better than Austin at a cost of nothing but cash. Cron: probably not dramatically better than Austin, while costing 10x as much and potentially restricting/stopping the acquisition of a better player elsewhere.
  14. It's been frustrating without a doubt, and I had zero confidence in them going into Wisconsin today, but color me very impressed. I was at the Wisconsin game last year, at home, and it was one of the most embarrassing displays of football I've ever had the displeasure of experiencing (the weather didn't help the mood either).
  15. And his fun-quotient is an 11. When you consider that it runs on a 1-10 scale, it's really good.
  16. Not consistently at the extreme he posted his season though. Minors BABIPs tend to be about 15 points higher than in the majors. His high minors BABIP (AA/AAA) in 1,900 plate appearances was .344. Without digging in any further I might expect his to be in the neighborhood of ~.330, and even that's being optimistic as only 34 qualified batters hit that mark. That's a pretty dramatic difference from the unsustainable mark of .368 he had this season. Hopefully his strikeout rate will improve, a few more balls in play will offset the BABIP drop, and with the decent speed he's got that will turn into a good chunk of xbh's.
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