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  1. That was being nice. I had the nicest of fantasies about Goldysie donning a Twins cap during his hall induction.
  2. Paul has only managed to muster an .899 OPS against right-handed pitching throughout his career, so we'd still have to find him a platoon partner at first, which doesn't help the roster flexibility issues either. /deadest of deadpans
  3. The one where he went into the HoF wearing a Twins cap. Yours?
  4. Well this thread really started to suck, didn't it?
  5. And his fun-quotient is an 11. When you consider that it runs on a 1-10 scale, it's really good.
  6. In actual actuality, 100 ERA+ starters are slightly above average, relative to other starters, as the ERA+ figure includes relievers numbers.
  7. They missed Cook's ability to do that.
  8. Wherever the discussion on o-line ranking ultimately falls, I'm pretty sure we can all agree that coming into the season we knew it could (or would) be an issue, unfortunately it's only gotten worse since.
  9. Game started off really well, now it's going clown show.
  10. Theilen and Diggs are such a great combo.
  11. Not consistently at the extreme he posted his season though. Minors BABIPs tend to be about 15 points higher than in the majors. His high minors BABIP (AA/AAA) in 1,900 plate appearances was .344. Without digging in any further I might expect his to be in the neighborhood of ~.330, and even that's being optimistic as only 34 qualified batters hit that mark. That's a pretty dramatic difference from the unsustainable mark of .368 he had this season. Hopefully his strikeout rate will improve, a few more balls in play will offset the BABIP drop, and with the decent speed he's got that will turn into a good chunk of xbh's.
  12. That sounds like 12 positive developments.
  13. Neither reading, nor responding, are being forced upon you. It's perfectly OK to completely ignore a topic if it doesn't interest you, rather than attempting to drag everyone else down that it does. It borders on trolling, which is frowned upon. http://twinsdaily.com/topic/8228-twins-daily-comment-policy/?p=164092 I care.
  14. Very interesting, and very cool.
  15. Is it not possible for someone tearing up the high minors to replace a fringe guy on the majors roster that isn't carrying his weight? Is it some outlandish possibility? I guess I'm missing the point of the question, it happens all the time.
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